You Can’t Hide It

All you can really hide is “doing nothing.”  You cannot hide “doing something.”  Someone sees.


John 4:1-3 When therefore the Lord knew how the Pharisees had heard that Jesus made and baptized more disciples than John, (though Jesus himself baptized not, but his disciples,) He left Judaea, and departed again into Galilee.


Over nearly 46 years of ministry, one of the great lessons I have learned is that if you are DOING something, especially if it is creative, productive, or in any way life-changing for the better, you can’t keep it a secret.  You may keep it private for a while, but sooner or later (and likely sooner) it will become the purview of public scrutiny.  Sadly, it is at that point that one generally receives more input from the critics and harshly judgmental than from those who give affirmation to what is being done.

Often Jesus, having performed a healing or miracle, would wish His action to remain unpublished, but typically even then it would be quickly noised abroad.  Often He would find it difficult to be alone with Father, or to simply rest.  Even when He specifically told someone He had healed to remain silent, they would, immediately after leaving His presence, tell almost everyone they encountered what Jesus had done.

It is no different for you.  If you are doing something good and right for the kingdom of God, no matter how discreet you try to remain, you can’t hide it.  Before you know it, someone will be talking about it, and that will often be a critic or someone who is looking for a way to drag down the testimony of the Lord.  And if you’re engaging in activities that are contrary to your profession of faith, don’t be deceived.  It can and will be found out, and once discovered, it will surely be noised abroad.  Saint of God, when you’re DOING whatever it is you’re DOING, make sure you don’t mind if someone else tells about it.  Live and speak in such a manner that you wouldn’t mind what you SAY or DO being revealed in print tomorrow, or revealed on television, radio, or social media.  You can’t hide it.  And PLEASE receive wise counsel here.  Jesus had a number of reasons for sending His disciples forth two-by-two.  Whenever possible, always have someone with you who can share in accountability with you as to where you are, whom you see, to whom you speak, and to whom you minister.  Remember, the world if full of critics seeking to ascribe motive and intent to you that have nothing to do with you, but only as a device of the wicked one to ruin your testimony, bring you down, and injure as many in the Kingdom as possible.  Once again, as it regards every facet of your life, remember – as children OF the light who walk IN the light, YOU CAN’T HIDE IT! 

Manna for Today – John 4:1-26; Matthew 5:16; John 10:32


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