Do You NEED to Go?

Sometimes you WANT to go.  Sometimes you NEED to go.  Learn the difference.


John 4:4 And he must needs go through Samaria.


The title of today’s Second Miler is a question that has been asked me all my life as far back as I can remember.  When as a child and later a teen, on more than one occasion when I wanted to go to a party or game or some other event, and it wasn’t convenient for my parents to take me, they would ask,  “Do you need to go?”  There were even occasions when my parents planned to go somewhere I did not want to go, and I would ask, “Do I need to go?”  One would think that by the time we became adults, we would understand the difference between WANTING to go and NEEDING to go, and deal with it.  Yet still today, after nearly seven decades of living, there are times I find myself wrestling with whether I NEED to go, or is it merely a strong WANT to go.  When we examine the contention between Jews and Samaritans, it would seem that if it were a matter of merely WANTING to do so, the Jew would avoid contact with Samaritans, and vice versa.

Yet for Jesus, we read that “He must NEEDS go through Samaria.”  The Scriptures are clear; God has ordained good works in which we are to walk.  It was the same for Jesus.  He always did those things that pleased His Father.  Waiting for Him in Samaria was a “Father-ordained good work,” and Jesus, regardless of the politics, religion, and social quagmires of His day, would not miss it.  There was a woman who had been married five times, and was presently living with a man not her husband, a woman who instead of drawing water in the cooler hours of the morning when all the other women came, had to come in the heat of the day (she was a societal outcast), a woman who desperately needed an confron-tation with her sin and lifestyle, who would be precisely where Jesus had positioned Himself to wait on her to bring to her the ministry she needed.  I can’t say He fully knew what He was face, but He WAS fully ready to obey His Father in meeting her need.

How about you?  Are you hearing the voice of Father?  Are you following His lead?  Are you preparing yourself to be a vessel of honor, sanctified and meet for your Master’s use?  Are you ready to wait in the “unpopular place” in the “heat of the day,” even while you are physically hungry, to address the “Samaritan” with whom Father has set a holy appointment?  Just remember, there may be nothing wrong with where you WANT to go, but it is a terrible choice to miss an appointment where you NEED to go. 

Manna for Today – John 4;1-26; Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-20; Isaiah 6; Ephesians 2:10