Make A Feast

It is only RIGHT for the HOST of an event to be PRESENT.  So it is with the HOST of hosts.


John 5:1 After this there was a feast of the Jews; and Jesus went up to Jerusalem.


In my lifetime, I have had the privilege to attend many social events.  Though on rare occasions, a host could not be present due to circumstances, when it was within his/her control, the host has ALWAYS been present.  Now while the host is usually very aware of his/her guests, and as a rule, does what he/she can to see to the comfort and satisfaction of the guests, the position, desires, requests, and needs of the host are ALWAYS considered.  Only ONCE in eternity has the Host totally set aside His Own desires.  Jesus, our Host for eternity, emptied Himself of divine privilege, made Himself of no reputation, took upon Himself the likeness of man for whom He died, set aside His will, became obedient unto the death of the cross.  But NOW, that same Lord and Savior, is alive again.  He has been resurrected, and as risen Lord has received all power in heaven and in earth.  He is now King of kings and Lord of lords.  He is not only Lord of the harvest, but Lord of the feast as well.  And He still attends feasts that are set in His Name, for His glory, according to His will.  In such feasts, His plan, purpose, position, and will become paramount above all else.

In our Text for Today, Jesus, operating under the Old Covenant, honored a feast established by His Father with His presence.  Jesus, Who never changes, still honors feasts established for His honor with His presence.  It is to that end I exhort you to make today a feast day to honor Him.  Prepare your house (your body), make it clean, and establish it for His honored presence.  Prepare the table (that “wine, milk, bread, and meat of life which you will serve to your guests).  Make sure the meal is clean, well prepared, and sanctified by the Word of God and prayer.  Invite your guests (those to whom you will minister today).  Become their servant, blessing them with your presence.  But in all you do, never, Never, NEVER fail to bring the Host of your feast to the focus of attention of your guest.  Failure to focus on the Host robs the guest of the blessing.  And when Jesus is present, the supernatural is available.  So make a feast with Jesus as the Host.  Those who attend will come again. 

Manna for Today – John 5:1-17; Luke 5:17; Philippians 2:8; Hebrews 13:8