Execution of Life

Just because one is breathing, has a heart-beat, and is creating brain waves does not mean he lives.


John 5:26-27 – For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself;

And hath given him authority to execute judgment also, because he is the Son of man.


Allow me to begin today with some reminders of what Jesus said.  He said, (1) as the Father has sent Me, even so send I you; (2) the glory You(Father) have given Me (Jesus), I have given them; (3) the works that I (Jesus) do shall you do also, and greater works than these shall you do; (4)you shall have whatsoever you say if you believe.  Now based upon these four statements alone, I can already make a righteous judgment of how the body of Christ, in general, is functioning in the earth.  It is a very low level of power, and in some places, almost non-existent.  That judgment is in no way intended to be destructive or damning to our Lord’s church.  It is merely a statement of current fact based on what I believe is a correct Biblical view of what the church, the body of Christ, SHOULD be in the earth.  While there are many other passages of Scripture that would bear out my judgment, what has been stated will surely suffice.

Now look at our Text for Today once again.  Father has life in Himself.  He exercised His divine authority and gave that same authority to Jesus.  Having given Jesus such divine authority, Jesus was also qualified by that same authority to execute judgment.  The judgment Jesus exercised was righteous judgment.  He was sent to condemn the world, but through righteous judgment make eternal life available to whosever will.  To those whom men judged harshly, Jesus showed mercy (Zacchaeus).  Those whom men would stone, Jesus raised up and freed (woman taken in adultery).  To those who denied Him, Jesus gave opportunity to repent and be restored (Peter).  All these are our Lord’s examples of righteous judgment.

Now to you and me.  We, too, are called upon to execute judgment.  How well are we doing at this divine directive for our lives?  It is time we stepped up to the cause into which we have been sent.  It is time for members of the body of Christ to judge righteous judgment; to see things as Jesus would see them; to speak for our God as our God; to fulfill the royal walk of love, not only to one another, but also to the world for whom Jesus paid the full price of redemption.  It is time we see one another as NEEDED, and the lost as NEEDY.  We NEED one another, and the lost NEEDSus to win them and disciple them.  When we fulfill our role given us by our God, we are truly EXECUTING LIFE. 

Manna for Today – John 5:19-29; John 17:18-22; John 20:21; John 14:12-14; Mark 11:22-24; John 15:7; John 16:23