Let Nothing Be Lost

Let us learn to USE resources, NOT LOSE them.


John 6:12 – When they were filled, he said unto his disciples, Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost.


God is in no way a waster.  He is rather a redeemer.  In His design, all that He created and made was designed to provide perfect use of the highest quality with no waste factor involved.  All that Father created was good, and in the end of His creative work, it was “very good.”  Once again, our heavenly Father is NOT a waster in any way.  If things are wasted, the Lord is not in it.  That statement alone should give each of us pause for thought in the way we live and organize our lives.

When one considers what it was Jesus had His disciples collect, it is in reality, amazing.  We are talking about food scraps; fragments of bread and fish.  But when we consider from where those fragments came, it becomes clearer and easier to understand.  This was not merely bread and fish that had been sold in a local market or baked in the home oven.  This was bread and fish that had been the total assets of the lad who made them available to Jesus.  Lads of his age would take day-old bread that was likely baked by his mother, trade some of the loaves to fishermen coming in from a night’s work for a few small fish too small for sale at the fish market, and sell them to passers-by in the area.  It was a young boy’s entrepreneurial business.  This was NOT his lunch.  No young boy could eat five loaves (about seven pounds) of bread and two small (about 2 pounds each) for lunch.  Once again, the bread and fish were his business assets.  And he gave it all into the hands of Jesus.

Then who would receive the 12 baskets full when the fragments were collected?  Who gave it?  The lad gave it, and it was the lad who received the fragments.  He gave his assets to the Blesser, and what he received was blessed indeed, and far more than he gave.  Now consider this.  What have you given?  What have you to give?  And into whose hands did you, and are you giving?  When you give to the need of the kingdom, you’re placing it into the hands of the Blesser.  You should full expect to receive it back at the Luke 6:38 level – “good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over.”  Go is not a waster.  His provision is ALWAYS more than enough, and His return is ALWAYS more than you gave.  Believe it, expect it, and get into the action.  Give, and after you’ve given, EXPECT YOUR RETURN, for with the Lord, nothing is wasted.  

Manna for Today – John 6:1-15; Luke 6:38; Mark 10:29-30; Acts 20:35; Genesis 1-2