Down to the Storms

You can expect storms after feasting with the Master.  When you get the Word, Satan comes to steal it.


John 6:16 – And when even was now come, his disciples went down unto the sea,


Jesus is the Master of every arena of the five-fold ministry.  He is the APOSTLE and high priest of our profession.  He ministered as a PROPHET under the Old Covenant.  He was the perfect example of the EVANGELIST, walking in a consistent flow of gifts of healings and working of miracles.  He was the PASTOR of pastors, known to us as THE GOOD SHEPHERD.  He was called Rabbi, a term that to us means TEACHER.  Jesus was the ONLY man that I know who walked in all five arenas of the five-fold ministry at the same time, and did so perfectly.  He not only SPOKE ONLY the Word of God, He WAS the Word made flesh.  His ministry of the Word was perfect and without flaw in its content and purpose.  He said, when the Word is sown, Satan comes immediately to steal the Word, and then described the various means by which Satan attacks the Word.

While Satan’s doings should never be used as a measuring device for our walk with the Lord (yet many people do so daily), we should never think that being saved, filled with Holy Spirit, and walking in the Word makes us immune from his attacks.  Jesus taught plainly that IT IS GOING TO RAIN.  Take time to read our Manna for Today.  The rain to which I refer in this writing is NOT the rain of Holy Spirit in the form of the early or latter rain.  I write of the rain that descends to bring floods against your life and ministry, and the winds of the storms that accompany those rains.  My friend, they ARE coming.

What I am endeavoring to do is to encourage you to be ready for the rains, floods, and winds.  Make sure that you are not merely a HEARER of the Word, but a DOER as well.  It was the wise man’s house that weathered the storm, and wise man was the one who HEARD the Word, AND also was a DOER of the Word.  When Jesus’ disciples entered the ship to go to the other side, they should have remembered the Word of Jesus that “Satan comes to steal the Word,” and that he comes “immediately.”  Still, they did not seem to be prepared for the storm.  This was certainly NOT Jesus’ fault.  Yet in their battle in the storm, Jesus came walking to them on the sea.  This is Father’s heart in the matter.  Jesus knew that; He had seen it.  So He went forth to carry out the will of Father.  Father hasn’t changed.  It is still His will to do such for His children.  But don’t allow this knowledge to become your excuse for laziness.  Stay diligent.  STORMS ARE COMING, BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE OVERCOME BY THEM 

Manna for Today – John 6:16-21; Mark 4:10-20; Matthew 7:24-27; John 5:19 & 30