Arrive in Style

Jesus on the inside can produce rapid change.


John 6:21 – Then they willingly received him into the ship: and immediately the ship was at the land whither they went.


Change!  A word that frightens some, excites others, discouraged some, engages other, focuses some, scatters others, and makes almost everyone uncomfortable.  Take a moment and reread our Text for Today.  The disciples, under instruction from the Lord, had attempted to take their ship across the sea of Galilee, encountered storm winds and waves, found themselves laboring, even struggling in their own power and ability to carry out His command, but were making NO headway.  But when Jesus came on board, things changed.

There is an adage in golf that says, “It’s not how you drive, but how you arrive.”  In other words, you may not have made the best drive, but if your second, third, or even fourth shot is superb, you can still score “PAR” on the hole (And as an occasional amateur golfer, PAR is fine with me).  Well, the drive of the apostles wasn’t good enough to take them to the intended destination.  Yet when Jesus came aboard, things changed, and that right quickly.

Where is it the Lord has directed you to go?  What is it the Lord has directed you to do?  First, are you being obedient to His instructions?  If so, that is wonderful.  If not, change your action/direction immediately, repent, and begin anew.  At any rate, be sure you are endeavoring with all that is in you to follow His instruction as an obedient child of God.  Is it possible you’re in a storm?  Don’t think that strange.  Storms will come.  It will rain.  The enemy will attempt to stop you from following through with the Lord’s plan.  And if, at this moment, you find yourself struggling with all that is in you to obediently follow the will of Father, and you are struggling, you can be assured that Jesus is near.  He will come to you in your labor of obedience.

And what happened when Jesus got into the ship?  “IMMEDIATELY” they were on land where their intent was to go.  Don’t give up if you’re in a struggle.  Jesus is near; He WILL come to you.  Don’t keep Him out of your situation.  Open the way for Him to come in.  He wants you to completely fulfill the task He has given, to succeed in the ministry in which He has placed you, to be a significant part of the role you are to fill in the body of Christ.  And when you find yourself in desperate struggle, know that having Jesus on board guarantees you arrival at His intended destination.  Don’t fear the storm; have faith in God.  Don’t accept the circumstances; receive the presence of the Lord.  Don’t stay where you are; prepare for docking.  He will keep you, and you will arrive in style. 

Manna for Today – John 6:16-21; Mark 4; Matthew 7:24-27; James 1:1-9