When the Bell Rings

When people ask “How?”, it’s time to preach.


John 6:25 – And when they had found him on the other side of the sea, they said unto him, Rabbi, when camest thou hither?


Much of my life I have enjoyed sports and athleticism.  I played a little football and baseball as a younger boy/man.  I threw shotput and discus in high school.  I wrestled some in high school and college.  I have enjoyed hunting and fishing.  I have been engaged in physical fitness and martial arts for the vast majority of my life.  In all these endeavors, “timing” is a factor.  Whether we are dealing with hunting/fishing seasons, wrestling periods, game horns, whistles, and buzzers, or a referee’s “sijak (begin)” command, each element involves “timing.”

In life, there are not always bells, buzzers, starting guns, or referee’s whistles, but there are indicators for us when we should be ready to step forward and carry out our role as a child of God.  Take the time to read John 6 passage from our Manna for Today.  As you read it, look for the indicators that Jesus Himself used to bring forth revelation to the people.  Examine the scenario.  Jesus had sent His disciples to the other side.  The people were aware that He was NOT with them when they departed.  Yet after a stormy night at sea, when others arrived via their own ships to where the disciples went, they found Jesus present.  This had to be a shocking development in their thinking.  ONLYthe disciples had seen Jesus walking on the water.  All the people had not.  So they had questions.  How did Jesus get to the other side of the sea of Galilee with His disciples?  He had not departed with them, yet here He was.  They knew something amazing had happened, were not aware of what it was, and were filled with curiosity about it.  So they began to inquire, “Master, how did you get here, and when?”  I suspect, had I been there, I would have asked the same question.  I would want to know.

But you and I have the advantage of hind-sight via the Scriptures.  We know the story.  Still, we need to learn the lesson Jesus demonstrated.  When the people opened the door through their curiosity about one thing, Jesus used the occasion to teach them a truth they were completely missing.  He spoke to them about WHY they were there.  He did not tell them about walking on the water.  Rather He addressed their motives.  He took their curiosity about one thing as an opportunity to reveal their own hearts to them.  He told them they were seeking Him for the miracle of provision He had performed.  It was about bread and fish.  But the true reason they SHOULD be seeking Him is for the Bread of Life; His Word.   That truth remains completely valid for us today.  Child of God, don’t seek God because He can perform miracles.  Seek Him for His Word, for by His Word comes faith; faith that will please Him and provide in your life ALL you need. ALL of what you need is in His Word, NOT in His miracles.  Be thankful for all He does, but seek what He has said. 

Manna for Today – John 6:22-40