Sure Belief

Raise your hands if you’re sure!


John 6:69 – And we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ, the Son of the living God.


Song writers have published lyrics and music with this message. Men and women of God had proclaimed this message across our globe, many at the cost of their own lives.  It has been written in books, published in church bulletins and on church art works and banners.  One song that comes to my mind declares, “We believe in God the Father, we believe in Jesus Christ, we believe in the Holy Spirit, and He’s given us new life.  We believe in the crucifixion, we believe that He conquered death, we believe in the resurrection, and He’s coming back again; we believe.”  It’s a beautiful song, and while I’ve only written the chorus, it speaks volumes.  We in the church declare it again and again, and I am glad we do.  Still, the question comes to my mind, “Do we really?”

IF we have this “sure belief” of which the apostles spoke, would the daily conversation and words of our mouth change?  I’m not referring to foul language, cursing, or obscenities, but to the confession of our faith about every facet of our living.  IF we have this “sure belief,” would our daily activities change?  I’m not referring to places we go.  I don’t believe that Christians generally go to bars, houses of ill repute, or to parties that turn into drunken binges.  However, what I DO see in many believers is a seeming disregard or ignorance of the integrity borne by the Word of God.  It is not that we avoid drunkenness and debauchery, but that we become DOERS of the Word.  In many things in life, it is NOT what we DO NOT DO that people observe, but rather WHAT we do and HOW we do it.  In general appearance, activity, and speech, what sets the believer apart from the world?  Should we dress modestly?  Yes.  Should we participate in the doing of right things?  Yes.  Should we speak with different words, content, and intent in a manner of creativity, fearlessness, and giving of life?  Yes.  And such a life-style is only possible in an atmosphere of “sure belief.”

If one’s belief is sure, one should show that with sure action, sure attitude, and sure faith.  Put your full faith and assurance in Him you call Lord.  Jesus is sure, and your belief in Him will never go unfulfilled.  It will be tested; it will be tried; it will be tempted; but NEVER unfulfilled, undeserved, or unwarranted.  Hold fast to your profession of faith, without wavering, for He Who promised is faithful in your “sure belief.” 

Manna for Today – John 6:60-71; Matthew 16:13-20; Hebrews 10:23