Becoming Blind to See


I never cease to be amazed at how deeply pride has been entrenched in the mind of men.


John 9:41 – Jesus said unto them, If ye were blind, ye should have no sin: but now ye say, We see; therefore your sin remaineth.


There is an adage I often use. It states, “One who will not be taught is not fit to teach.”  I stand by that adage.  You see, one who is unteachable already thinks/believes he/she knows it all, and there is nothing more for him/her to learn.  Such an attitude wreaks of arrogance and an unsavory pride.  That same attitude exists in people, sinner and saint alike, who would have you believe they are perfect on their own, that their faults or flaws, either don’t exist at all, or are not significant enough to count.  One thing I see in common with both kinds of people.  They are constantly comparing themselves with others they see as being worse than themselves.  Unbelievers compare themselves to carnal Christians who live, act, and take on the appearance of the world so much that it is very difficult to identify them in any way as believers.  And carnal Christians take an attitude of discounting the commands of Scripture to be holy, often saying that no one can live up to the standards set forth in the Word, or that God understands and won’t hold their acts, words, attitudes, and lifestyle against them.  Both believer and unbeliever as I have described them are wrong, and that is dangerous for them.

My purpose in writing today is not to judge, but to offer, as lovingly as I can, wise counsel we all should follow.  First, we all need to remain teachable, regardless of how much we know or our age or our title and position.  When we become unteachable, we enter an arena where deception can rule our lives.  Secondly, it would serve us all well to have strong relationships with strong believers who, while not perfect, remain teachable, and will always endeavor to speak the truth to us in love.  They can be the greatest friends you ever have.  Third, we need to be able to speak lovingly and calmly with those who would bring Biblical correction into our lives.  While there are other points, I will settle for these three today.

I am so deeply grateful to the Lord and to my real friends who choose to speak to truth to me, regardless of the discussion we are having.  I am not referring to debating about matters of Biblical interpretation, but having an openness to those who have demonstrated a strong walk with the Lord and shown to us the genuine love of God in their compassion towards us.  Such people are among those who pray for me, who intercede in the Spirit according to the will of Father.  I know their praying would always precede their approach to me to offer counsel or correction, and that is why I am open to hear them.  I don’t know all things; I have not divine wisdom in all matters; I need the multitude of counsel for safety.  While I am not blind, I do yield myself to strong, insightful, loving believers who may see things I do not see, for what I do not see, I am blind to comprehend it without fresh light.  Acknowledging that puts me in the same position as a blind man needing the help of a sighted friend – I become blind that I might see. 

Manna for Today – John 9


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