One of the sweetest sounds on earth is to hear someone who loves you call your name.


John 10:3 – To Him the porter openeth; and the sheep hear His voice: and He calleth His Own sheep by name, and leadeth them out.


You possess something no one else on earth possesses.  It is YOUR NAME.  Your name may be one that is widely used, such as John.  In Spanish it would be Juan, and in French, it is Jean.  It is a widely used in English, but regardless of how many males in English speaking countries are named John, every one of them knows their name when someone they know who loves them calls their name.  They don’t need to hear the last name.  All they need to hear us “John.”  On the other hand, you may have a name rarely found in any English-speaking nation, a name such as mine – Beechard.  I believe I’m one of six in the United States (more than 320 million people).  Yet when I hear my name called by someone who knows me and loves me, I respond like a “John” would to his name.

Look at our Text for Today.  It declares plainly that the Lord’s sheep hear His voice, and that He calls His Own sheep by name.  My friend, your Lord knows your name, calls you by name, and does so in a manner like no one else.  When He calls, you know that He loves you, and you know that He knows you.  Oh, but there is much more.  He not only knows you by name and loves you, but He leads you, too.  We can go to His Word and find leadership for daily living that is set forth for us all.  But there are things into which the Lord wants to lead you, things He has designed solely for you, good works that He has before ordained that you should walk in them.  When you come to the place where you should walk in one of those ordained works, the question arises, do we know His voice?  He certainly knows our name, and He calls us by our name.  But no matter who is calling your name in the world of concentrated confusion, if their voice is unknown, or unfamiliar to you, its sound is so easily lost in the ever-rising drone of the world’s turmoil.  In such an atmosphere, it is of keen importance that one knows the voice of the one calling his/her name.  For it is only when you are sure of the voice of the one calling your name that you can rest in faith that He will lead you.  And when the one calling your name is Jesus, HE WILL LEAD YOU, for He knows you by name. 

Manna for Today – John 10:1-21; Ephesians 2:10; Romans 8:14