Go Ahead, Be a Window

There is more to building than the entry door.


John 10:7 – Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep.


For my first assertion, I am in NO WAY endeavoring to belittle or make of any minor importance in the truth Jesus states in our Text for Today.  He ISthe “door of the sheep.”  And Jesus goes on to say that the door is the ONLY entry into the kingdom of God.   But there is something very important that He did NOT say in this passage, as well as some other very important indicators in the Word of God touching this topic.  What Jesus did not say something about in this passage was “windows.”

There is, however, a very important passage in which windows are a specific element of the conversation, and it is a passage I believe may not be fully embraced in our thoughts.  In the Malachi 3 passage about tithing, the Lord says if we follow His instruction concerning the paying of our tithes, there is a marked response He will show forth.  Look at it closely.  I believe too often we have ready it too quickly, and failed to recognize the full meaning of one repeated three-letter word – YOU.  We have read it to say that God would open the windows and pour out blessings for you that were too great to receive.  But look more closely.  It doesn’t say that.  What it DOES SAY is the He will open YOU the windows of heaven and pour YOU out a blessing to great to receive.  I believe He is saying that He will open YOU and pour YOU out.

You see, Jesus is the door, but you and I are the windows of heaven.  It is THROUGH us that people should be able to see the joys, riches, dynamics, power, love, life, and blessings of heaven.  What I am saying is simple.  We are not reservoirs designed to be containers of the blessing and power of the Lord.  On the contrary, we are channels THROUGH whom the life, power, and blessing of God is to flow.  Jesus is the DOOR to the kingdom, and you and I are the WINDOWS THROUGH which the world may view the blessing of the kingdom, and it is you and I that the Lord wants to pour out, flowing so dynamically with Holy Spirit that should be flowing our of our bellies, that there is not room enough to contain you.  I tell you, my friend, for a truth, when YOU cannot be contained because so much of Holy Spirit, His power, and His glory is flowing out of you, people will beg for an introduction to the DOOR. 

Manna for Today – John 10:1-21; Malachi 3:6-12