As It Is Written

If God says it, that settles it……whether anyone believes it or not.


John 12:14-15 – And Jesus, when he had found a young ass, sat thereon; as it is written,fear not, daughter of Sion: behold, thy King cometh, sitting on an ass’s colt.


Take a moment today and do a bit of Scriptural research for yourself.  Our Text for Todaycan be seen in a greater fullness by looking at it as it is recorded in the other Gospels.  Take the time to find those passages and read them, and see a wonderful revelation of the supernatural working of Holy Spirit’s revelation in this event.  You will be blessed.  You see, Jesus sent two of His disciples to find the colt on which He rode, and as Jesus told it to them is the precise manner in which they both found and delivered the colt for Jesus’ use at His entry to Jerusalem.  It is powerful indeed.  And this can also be referenced to Jesus’ words when He said WE shall do the works He did, and even greater.  Think of that, dear reader.

The events of what we call Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem had already been spoken and written by the prophets of old.  God was revealing His plan for that day long before that day arrived.  Then, upon the arrival of that day, Jesus drew from the well of God’s Word as it applied to Himself, and acted upon what that Word said, believing it, and relying upon Holy Spirit to confirm it.  And that is precisely what happened.

Today I pray you receive that which I write, and that you also act upon it.  Whatever the Word of God has declared shall happen SHALL HAPPEN.  There can be no turning from that.  Believe it, receive it, and act upon it.  Study God’s Word, rightly divide (discern) it, and apply it to your own life accurately.  That which can be rightly applied to your life WILLhappen in your life IF you will believe it, receive it, and act upon it as Jesus did.  It is not likely that you would enter Jerusalem upon a donkey colt, but it IS not only likely, but absolutely assured that you will be healed, abundantly provisioned, delivered, saved, and made free in this life IF you will believe, receive, and act upon the Word of God as it concerns you.  These are covenant promises to all God’s children.  I have often said, every word in the Bible is truly recorded, but not every word is true.  The lies men told, the deceptions in which they engaged, their failures and short-comings are all recorded for us to see.  God that which Father, Son, and Holy Spirit has spoken concerning you and me SHALL COME TO PASS IF WE WILL BELIEVE ITRECEIVE IT, and ACT UPON ITAS IT IS WRITTEN. So, have you read or heard it?  Do you believe it?  Have your received it?  If so, it’s time to act upon it, today, right now, in the Name of Jesus. 

Manna for Today – John 12:9-19; Psalm 119:89; Luke 1:37 (the Amplified Bible); Romans 3:4;          John 14:12-14


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