Times of No Deliverance

Are there times when one need not call for deliverance?


John 12:27 – Now is my soul troubled; and what shall I say? Father, save me from this hour: but for this cause came I unto this hour.


I cannot remember how often, especially in the past two or three years, I have heard or read statements like, “Rough seas make good sailors.”  Another statement is that “God has a purpose for the trial in your life.”  My friend, while such statements may make a talking point for a sermon, or seem to provoke one to thought about how hard times make great Christians, they are, in fact, not true.  While it is true that one may gain some unique experience in a test or trial he/she endures, the fact remains that if person is not trained in the necessary skills of sailing, simply putting them into rough seas will NOT make a good sailor.  The truth is that such an action may make a dead sailor.  Military men are not sent into combat with proper training, equipping, and leadership.  To do so is to put his life in jeopardy, and lose the battle and the war.

My point is simple.  Before the Lord sends you into battle, into ministry, or into any situation, He has seen to it that you are prepared for what you are about to face.  You may not know it all in your head, but IF God sends you, He has first prepared and equipped you, and He is leading you.  God DOES NOT send you into a battle to learn to fight.  David already knew how to dispatch a giant before he ever faced Goliath.  Elijah already knew how to deal with 850 false prophets and priests before he went to Carmel.  Jesus was trained, equipped, and perfectly led in the task before Him as He approached Calvary and all the surrounding matters.  The same will be true for you, regardless of where the Lord sends you.

I’ve known people to be sent by a leader, by a pastor, by a church, by a denomination, or even by his/her family, and THOUGHT they were being sent by the Lord.  But upon entering the battle, they realized they were not prepared for what they faced.  They needed to call on the Lord for deliverance.  But my friend, if the Lord sends you into ANYTHING, you don’t have a need of deliverance.  He sent you there with the victory already in hand.  When David faced Goliath, when Daniel faced the lions, when the Hebrew children faced the fiery furnace, each was already prepared for what they would face.  Their training was already in place.  Their training and equipping was already done, their actions already practiced, their outcome already sure.   And that is the way it should be for you.  If, and when, the Lord sends you forth for any purpose, you can go with full assurance that you won’t need deliverance, for the Lord has already prepared the victory.  If you find yourself in a place where you need deliverance, call on the Lord for it.  He will deliver you, but be willing to acknowledge that you missed it. 

Manna for Today – John 12:27-35; 1 Corinthians 10:13; James 1:13; Matthew 26:38