Something New

When one thing ends, something else begins.


John 13:2a – And supper being ended . . . . .


Jesus knew He was quickly coming to the completion of redemption.  He knew what He would face.   He knew who would betray Him.  He knew those who would fail Him at critical moments.  He knew all that was before Him in the hours to come.  But He knew far more.  He knew He would live again as glorified and risen Lord, seated on the right hand of Father, ever living to make intercession for the saints.  But many of the things He knew and understood were not known and understood by His disciples.  He wanted to show them something new.  He did it at the end of supper.

He removed His Own outer garments (He emptied Himself of all divine privilege, making Himself of no reputation).  He wrapped Himself in a towel (He clothed Himself in humanity).  He poured water in a basin (the Word became flesh).  He washed His disciples’ feet (His life, blood, and Word can make the vilest sinner clean).  He wiped their feet on the towel (He became sin for us so we could be made the righteous-ness of God in Him).  He laid aside the towel and put back on His Own garments (He put off mortality and rose up in immortality, having overcome death).  He sat down again (having ascended, He sat on the right hand of majesty on high).

Then He gave His disciples another command; one that will produce happiness in the believer.  He told them that if He washed their feet, they should wash one another’s feet.  And He told them they would be happy if they did it.  Now it falls on us.  When is the last time you involved yourself in the act of washing one or more of His disciples’ feet?  I know many Christians who never have.  I believe it falls into the category of a church sacrament, such as Communion, and Water Baptism.  All three have strong Old Testament basis through type and shadow.  All three were recognized by Jesus Who also commanded that those who follow Him should do the same.  And all three have clear New Testament precedent.  As I understand what we call a sacrament, that qualifies foot washing as one.  It is an awesome act of obedience, opening the door for powerful moving by Holy Spirit, and offering any believer a truly humbling experience to serve those to whom he/she ministers.  And what a picture of redemption it paints.  Engage, my friend, and be happy. 

Manna for Today – John 13:1-20; Galatians 3:13-29; 2 Corinthians 5:17-21; Philippians 2:1-11



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