What Will It Take

Sadly, many Christians don’t know how greatly the Lord wants them to have joy.


John 17:13 – And now come I to thee; and these things I speak in the world, that they might have my joy fulfilled in themselves.


I encourage you to read our Text for Today several more times before continuing on in today’s Second Miler.  Consider the impact of our Lord’s words in this passage.  He is coming to Father in prayer, and He is addressing the words that He has spoken into the world, words that His followers have heard, words that are the Word of God, words that build faith.  Not only do these words He has spoken produce faith in the hearts of His disciples, but He also says quite plainly that His words spoken into their hearing were released so they “might have My joy fulfilled in themselves.”  When I saw that, all I could say in my spirit was “WOW!  THANK YOUJESUS!”

Oh, how my heart rejoices at the revelation of our Lord’s words in our Text for Today.  To what degree must He desire His joy to be fulfilled in us?  Do you read His Word?  Do you study His Word?  Do you meditate upon His Word?  Do you love His Word?  Do you hunger for His Word?  Do you feed your faith on His Word?  I am sure the answer to all these questions would be a resounding “YES!”  Hold firmly to this thought – FAITH COMES BY HEARING AND HEARING BY THE WORD OF GOD.  When your faith works, when your faith produces the results you desire, does it not bring joy to your heart?  Remember the words of Jesus, “Ask, and you shall receive, that your joy may be full.”

My focus today is not on the work of faith, but on the joy that rises from faith working in your life.  God gave His Word to save, heal, deliver, make free, and provide all things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge that comes to us through His Word.  He gave His Word as a source of revelation of the life He desires us to live, and how to possess that life now in this present world.  His Word is TRUEFIXEDUNCHANGINGUNWAVERING, and UNALTERABLE.  And His highest joy and greatest pleasure comes in knowing that we walk in that Word.  He joys over you with singing when His joy is manifest in you.  As the Scriptures declare, He is mighty in you for that end, that His joy might be fulfilled in you.  Rejoice, my friend, rejoice!  This IS His will for you.  Believe it, embrace it, accept it, and enjoy it.  Let NO ONE take this from you.  His Word, building a working faith in your life, will bring you to the place where His joy is fulfilled in you.  Believe that! 

Manna for Today – John 17; Nehemiah 8:10; Galatians 5:22-23; John 15:11; Philippians 2:2;       Romans 10:17; John 16:19-24; 3 John 2-4; Zephaniah 3:17