Whosoever – Part One

WHOSOEVER or WHATSOEVER – you fit one of those terms.  Why not enjoy the best of it?


John 19:20 – This title then read many of the Jews: for the place where Jesus was crucified was nigh to the city: and it was written in Hebrew, and Greek, and Latin.


The inscription, or title, that Pilate caused to be put over Jesus’ head on the cross is truly an all-encom-passing statement of prophetic nature.  The statement, found in John 19:19 said, “Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews.”  It as not intended to be prophetic in nature, but was formed in such a way as to mock both Jesus and the Jews.  A more literal rendering would be, “Jesus, King of the Jews, This.”  To Pilate and the Romans, the Jews were little more than slaves and Jesus was even despised by them.  To Pilate, the entire scenario was nothing more than a great bother.

But our Text for Today is what reveals to us the potency of Pilate’s inscription.  He had it written in the three most influential languages of that region and time.  (1) Hebrew – language of the spiritual culture; (2) Greek – language of the intellectual culture; (3) Latin – language of the political/military power culture.  In essence, , it was written to the entire world (whosoever), and to the whole man (spirit, soul, and body).

Let’s look at the world perspective.  The inscription was written in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin.  Until the Cross, God had dealt with the Jews (Hebrews).  But the Cross opened a way for the Word of God to be brought to all mankind, regardless of ethnicity or culture, religious, intellectual, or politico/military.  Regardless of the walk of one’s life, regardless of interests, regardless of background, regardless of culture, regardless of ethnicity, regardless of any other differentiation, including gender, the work that flowed from the Cross opened the door to “WHOSOEVER.”  As Jesus said, as Paul wrote, WHOSOEVER will, let him/her come.  No one (that’s WHOSOEVER) that comes to Jesus will He in any way cast out.  And if the word WHOSOEVER doesn’t settle matter for you, then turn to John’s writing in which he said “Whatsoever is born of God….”  So even if one does not consider him/herself a WHOSOEVER, they at least qualify as a WHATSOEVER.  Either way, Jesus paid the full price for our complete redemption.

Any way you look at it, my friend, you’re a WHOSOEVER or a WHATSOEVER, and the price has been paid for you to live, love, learn, and leave a legacy of a Christian walk in this world.  Believe, accept it, embrace it, live it, learn it, learn from it, and let your light so shine that men will see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.   

Manna for Today – John 19:16-27; John 3:16; Romans 10:13; 1 John 5:4; Matthew 5:16