The Sweetest Sound

One of the sweetest sounds you will ever hear is hearing someone who love you call your name.


John 20:16 – Jesus saith unto her, Mary. She turned herself, and saith unto him, Rabboni; which is to say, Master.


In our life here on this earth, one of the sweetest sounds one will ever hear is his/her name, especially when it is called by a voice the hearer knows that is from someone who loves them.  When I do leadership training in different parts of the world, I have found that regardless of culture, when the attendees have gotten to know me a bit, and I call their name, the immediate response almost always comes with a smile and a twinkle of the eye included.

Imagine the scene at the coming of Mary Magdalene to the tomb of Jesus.  She found the tomb empty; the body of Jesus was gone.  While still in the garden, she sees a man she believes to be the gardener, and she ask him where she could find the body of the Lord.  When the supposed gardener responded, everything about that scene changed.  Think about it.  She had already dealt with the sadness and bitterness at what she thought to be her loss of the one she considered Messiah.  Now His body is missing.   The response of the supposed gardener shook her world.  He responded by simply calling her name.  He said, “Mary.”  While she had not recognized Him before, when she heard her name coming from His lips, she knew it was Him.  All doubt fled from her presence.  What a joy surely surged through her whole being as she realized her Savior, her Lord, her Master, her Friend was alive and standing before her!  Once again she had heard Him call her name!  Oh how sweet that sound must have been to her ears!  Still, at that moment, though she longed to do so, she could not touch Him, for He had not yet ascended to heaven to apply His blood to the heavenly vessels of worship, there to be accepted and payment in full for covenant before Father, thus making heaven a fit place for redeemed saints to come and abide in the presence of Father.

But what of you, my friend?  Jesus surely knows your name.  Have you heard Him speak to you today?  Are you listening for His voice?  Whether you recognize His voice of not, Jesus still speaks to you.  It is directly through His Word, or by His Word through the lips of a servant of God, or by His Spirit, Jesus is still speaking.  Through dreams, visions, or gifts of the Spirit, Jesus is still speaking.  Are you listening?  It’s up to you.  Mary did not know He was alive until He called her name.  You, however, already know that He lives, and that He lives forevermore.  As the songwriter penned, “He lives….Christ Jesus lives today.  He walks with me and talks with me along the narrow way.”  Oh how sweet those words.  And as sweet as they are to the believing heart, a far sweeter sound is when Jesus speaks to you.  When He speaks to you, He doesn’t just speak to you in generic terms.  He is your Lord, your Savior; He bled and died for you; you are special to Him beyond your ability to fully grasp it.  When love of that depth speaks to the object of His love, He calls His love by name, and oh, how sweet that sound! 

Manna for Today – John 20:11-18; John 3:16; 1 John 5:4