Prepare for Meat

Is there something the believer/church can do that will bring meat to the table?


John 21:5 Then Jesus saith unto them, Children, have ye any meat? They answered him, No.


As I travel about out globe (in six different countries outside the USA in 2018), I witness a great need for “meat” to be served in our lives and houses of worship.  Is there something that we, as believers, and we, as the church, can do that will bring meat to the Lord’s table to feed His people?  I am convinced there is.  Allow me to share my thoughts on what is necessary to bring meat to the table in God’s church. 

Let’s begin with the words of Malachi.  “Bring the tithes to the Lord so there may be MEAT in My house.”  I don’t know how much more plainly it could be stated.  For there to be “meat” in the church, thieves must repent, turn, and “bring their tithes into the storehouse.”  A believer who does not tithe is a thief.  That’s Jehovah’s judgment, and I will not be fool and disagree with Him.  My friend, the servant of the Lord can be bringing the finest of spiritual meals to the church banquet, but the thieves in the congregation will never taste the meat.  While mankind has developed devices that can make adult food compatible for small children, he has never been able to create a device that will turn “milk” to “meat.”  Think on that. 

Then I offer you one more necessary element that will bring meat to the people of God.  The Word clearly states, that “strong meat belongs to them that are of full age, who have exercised their senses to discern between both good and evil.”  In short, if you want meat, GROW UP.  That means starting with milk that you may grow thereby, but one MUST come to the place where he/she begins to act like a mature, adult believer, and the demonstration of the development comes when they give clear evidence that their senses (the five senses that comprise in input gates of the flesh, and even to some degree, the soul), have been so groomed by the Word of God that they discern between both good and evil.  And that, dear believer, is no small feat.   

And all this rises from the wisdom of God; not wisdom as the world understands it, but the wisdom of God that is clearly defined by being seen in the person who “hears His (My) sayings, and does them.” In the eyes of God, that is a wise man/woman.  How about it, dear reader; where do you line up on these three Biblical premises/directives?  Are you a tither?  Do you truly live as a spiritually mature believer?  And are you, in the eyes of the Lord, a true son of His Wisdom?  If so, get ready.  Meat cometh. 

Manna for Today John 21:1-14; Malachi 3:6-12; Hebrews 5:12-14; 2 Kings 4:1-7; Matthew 6:25-34


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