The Old – The New (Part One)

With God, the second time may be similar, but check the differences.  The second is always better.


John 21:6 And he said unto them, Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find. They cast therefore, and now they were not able to draw it for the multitude of fishes.


In our Text for Today, we see the second occurrence of a draught of fish that came forth at obedience to the command of the Lord.  It will benefit one greatly to compare the two incidents, and closely note, not only the similarities, but especially the differences, and that in light of a change in operational covenants.  Let’s take a closer look. 

In Luke 5, the first draught of fish came under the Old Covenant. In that Covenant, men lived under the law of Moses, and Satan was the legal owner of the earth and its inhabitants, all that having been placed into his hands at the fall of Adam in the garden of Eden.  But the draught of fish in John 21 comes at a different Covenant place.  Jesus had defeated Satan, having been raised from the dead.  He had already cleansed heaven with His Own blood, and was now in an interim time between covenants.  The law of Moses no longer held sway in heaven, but at this precise moment, neither had the church been birthed to take its rightful place in the earth.  However, JESUS HAD ALREADY DEFEATED SATAN, BEEN RAISED FROM THE DEAD, AND WAS IN POSSESSION OF THE FULL POWER AND AUTHORITY OF GOD IN BOTH HEAVEN AND EARTH.  And that, dear reader, is what set the stage for all the differences of value, volume, and vitality of the circumstances surrounding the two draughts of fish.  Let’s examine these issues. 

FISHING – In both incidents, Peter and a number of disciples had fished all night, and in both cases, they had taken nothing.  In the first incident, Jesus borrowed one of Peter’s boats to launch out a short distance from the shore to teach, and in the second, the boat from which they were fishing had not yet come to shore.  The issue of “fishing” must not be lost here.  Remember that Jesus had told His disciples to follow Him and He would make them “fishers of men.”  In both incidents of draughts of fish, the imagery is pointing to that very calling.  Under the Old Covenant, the range of fishing was limited to the people of Israel.  While outsiders could choose circumcision and come into the faith of Israel thereby, only those born into the house of Israel, and in the days of Jesus, into the nation of Judah, could be considered part of the covenant.  But even with that restriction, it seemed that the Old Covenant was insufficient to hold them, as many of them often followed after strange gods.  Consider this is the light of the first draught of fish in which the net broke, being insufficient to hold all that was caught.  But at the second draught, the net was strong and held all the catch, this being a preview of the New Covenant. 

Manna for Today John 21:1-14; Luke 5:1-7; Matthew 4:19; Mark 1:17