The Whole Man

The life of God is for the WHOLE man; all of him; spirit, soul, and body



Acts 2:26 – Therefore did my heart rejoice, and my tongue was glad; moreover also my flesh shall rest in hope:


Our God exists as a Triune being; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  The human being exists in three parts; one is a spirit, one possesses a soul, and one lives in a body.  Our Text for Today is broken into three phrases.  I believe our Text for Today is directly tied to that train of thought.  It is comprised of three phrases, referencing the three parts of the human being, spirit, soul, and body, and in that order.  Let’s look closer.

While we can see a strong reference to the full trinity of the human being, the implication from the Greek words used in this verse seem to point more directly at the soul.  The use of the word “kardia” refers to the seat of feelings (not physical senses) and emotions and thought.  The rejoicing heart is the “kardia.”  The tongue being “glad” refers to a joyous emotional response.  And the flesh resting in “hope” likewise refers to a pleasant expectation, which while connecting to faith, still remains firmly tied to the soulish realm.

Therefore did my heart rejoice.” – For the “kardia,” not the spirit (pneuma) to rejoice, there must be a stimulus that arises from the spirit, for the spirit and soul are joined in such a manner that ONLY the Word can separate between them.  This is a rejoicing that arises from knowing that there is a fixed place of safety for the whole man in Christ Jesus.

My tongue was glad” – This knowing that causes the “kardia” to rejoice is felt deeply enough to evoke words spoken by the tongue that rise from deeply seeded emotions coming from that knowledge.  This is strongly tied to a strength of joy, a fruit of the spirit, that is manifest in thoughts that provoke the tongue to joyous speech.  It is the capturing of every thought (a soulish product) to the obedience of Christ that brings about praise to God.

My flesh shall rest in hope.” – Here is a peace of mind that is so strong that health-destroying stresses are pushed aside, leaving room only for the kind of rest that would follow great labor from which the outcome is blessed, honorable, and prosperous.  It is this kind of “soul prosperity” that brings about healing and health for the flesh, the human body. 

Allow yourself to be completely settled in this truth.  If you belong to the Lord Jesus, if you are born again, then Jesus, being seated on the right hand of Father, is there for His continual work of intercession for you.  Allow our Text for Today to be one of your steadfast confessions of faith in your daily walk with Jesus.  Let your heart rejoice.  Let your tongue speak glad tidings.  Let your flesh rest in hope.  Be completely settled in the peace of the Lord over your whole being.  Jesus is Lord!

Manna for Today – Acts 2:13-41; Matthew 12:34-37


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