There is something about a footstool that is peaceful and therapeutic.


Acts 2:34-35 – For David is not ascended into the heavens: but he saith himself, The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, Until I make thy foes thy footstool.


Have you ever just taken time to sit down, perhaps in a rocking chair, for a moment of rest?  Was there a footstool by it?  Did you experience a natural urge to simply rest your feet on that stool?  Not only was there something restful in that position, but there comes with that rest a sense of peace and even healing.  It is indeed, not only restful, but peaceful and therapeutic.  It seems that just the word “footstool” brings about a mental image of therapeutic rest and peace.

Not consider that in the  light of our Text for Today.  First of all, to use a footstool properly, one needs to be seated.  To be seated with Jesus in heavenly places is to be in a place of safety, authority, peace, and rest.  It is in that place that one begins one’s life in Christ.  When you are born again, you are raised up and seated together in Christ Jesus in heavenly places.

Next note the position in which you are seated in Christ; “ON MY RIGHT HAND.”  You should be clearly aware that this statement was made by Father to Jesus.  In Biblical thinking, a person’s right hand beneath you is not only a sign of giving full support to the seated person, but a strong indicator of being submitted to the will and desire of the person who is being upheld.  Remember the story of Abraham’s servant sent to find a wife for Isaac.  The servant placed his hand under Abraham’s thigh so that Abraham was basically seated on his servant’s hand.  Now realized WHY Father’s hand is under Jesus.

And how long was Jesus told to sit there?  “Until I make Your enemies your footstool.”  When all the enemies of Jesus have become His footstool, it will be time for Jesus to rise and come to claim His bride.  This is an image for us to follow (imitate) in our own lives.  When you’re born again, your life in Christ has just started.  At that moment, you are not at a place of spiritual maturity to handle all that is in the world.  That takes time, nurturing, growth, teaching, and training.  Could it be that one of the reasons so many Christians have such battles with sickness and disease is that once born again, once seated with Jesus in heavenly places, we launch too quickly into places of life for which we are not spiritually prepared?  Could we be moving too early into places where the enemy has NOT been made our footstool.  We are individuals.  We must remember that just because an enemy is under YOUR feet does not mean that same enemy is under MY feet.  Healing and footstools are related.  Think on this.

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