The Character of Boldness

True boldness has life in it, and in that life is character.


Acts 3:6 – Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.


True boldness is a living thing.  While it is not mentioned as such as a part of the fruit of the spirit, it is surely an element of the life of God that is manifest in His Church.  This living thing we call boldness takes action in and through our lives.  That is what we examine today.  Look first at our Text for Today.  This scenario began with the beauty of boldness shining forth.  Peter and John had come to the temple via the gate Beautiful for prayer time. When they stopped where the lame man was laid, they had purpose.  Their stop was intentional.  True boldness is always intentional – never accidental.  They stopped to do something specific.  That was boldness stopping.

Peter spoke; “Look on us.”  That was boldness speaking to get attention; to create focus.  We know it was boldness because of what followed those three powerful words.  Without shouting, without demonstrating, without the media being present, and without a pre-established agenda, Peter’s words got the attention of the intended person in need.

Now look at Peter’s follow-up statement.  “Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee.”  That is boldness serving notice of intent.  Now we can see the intention of their stopping at the gate Beautiful.  Note once again, the intent of this boldness.  Peter was stating that he wanted to GIVE something to the lame man.

And then the next statement gives perfect clarity of what was contained in the intent.  Read it for yourself; “In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth rise up and walk.”  This is boldness in the act of giving.  But please not what this boldness was giving.  It was not aggressive, nor was it apathetic.  It was not brash, nor did it back down.  Rather, it was good, refreshing, uplifting, encouraging, life-giving, restorative, and loving.  That is the nature of true boldness.  Don’t mistake boldness look-alikes for the real thing.  Brashness pushes, but will pull back when it meets courageous boldness.  Boldness simply stands in truth, unmoving, unwavering, unfailing.  True boldness is not about being self-confident, but in being God-confident.  True boldness is God-centered, God-originated, God inspired, and God-sustained.  May the Lord grant this boldness to His Church at this hour.  Oh, how we need it!

Manna for Today – Acts 3:1-10; John 3:16-17; Mark 10:29-30; Luke 6:38; Malachi 3:6-10