Follow-up On Order

Order works.  Divine order works divinely.


Acts 2:46-47 – And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart, Praising God, and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved.


It would seem to me that if order works, then divine order would work divinely, or as it might be said, supernatural order works supernaturally.  And the order we are examining in our Text for Today is a result of following a supernatural order established in the early church, and revealed in Acts 2:42-43.  That same order is revealed again in our Text for Today.  Let’s look at it once again. 

First, “they, continued daily with one accord.”  Once again, their steadfast continuity of coming together in accordance with God’s Word began the process.  Second, they were, as before, breaking bread to- gether, and they ate together “with gladness and singleness of heart, praising God.”  Third, in that place of unity and agreement, they found themselves “having favour with all the people.”  This is a manifestation of the Deuteronomy 28 promise that “the world shall fear you because they see you are called by the name of the Lord,” and the Isaiah promise that “the Spirit of the fear of the Lord shall rest upon them.”  And fourth, when the hand of God is truly seen resting upon a person, a work, a church, or a ministry, it draws people.  While many may run from light, many are also drawn to light, especially when in that light is freedom, deliverance, healing, and more; what Acts 2:42-43 called “wonders and signs.”

Once again, we see that same divine order set forth, and the same fruitfulness being brought forth.  To that observation I bring this query.  What are we doing in the church today?  Are we continuing daily with one accord, or are we generally going about in our individual paths, only coming together for what is now a once-a-week social or party gathering?  Are we breaking bread together, enjoying the richness of unity and demonstrating the joy and power that arises from it?  Or are we more concerned with outings and events where we focus on ourselves?  Things like outings and events are not wrong, but not to the exclusion of “breaking bread together.” (The Bread of Life must be kept the centerpiece of our fellowship.)  The breaking of bread is more than eating natural food; it includes that joyous sharing together in the Word of God that attracts the attention of onlookers.  Are we finding favor with all people because of our character, testimony, blessing, and joy, or are we merely viewed as another group of clients that add to the profit margin?  Are we that carriers of the supernatural power of God, drawing people to Christ AND to His Church, or are we simply another novelty created by current social standards and interactions?  Just some thoughts for your consideration.

Manna for Today – Acts 2:13-47; Mark 4:26-29; Ephesians 6:10-18; 2 Corinthians 10:3-6


There IS an Order

You can have all elements necessary for fire, but if you don’t combine them in the proper order, no fire.



Acts 2:42-43 – And they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.  And fear came upon every soul: and many wonders and signs were done by the apostles.


Do we read the Scriptures haphazardly?  Do we give serious and necessary consideration to the order in which so many things are set forth in the Scriptures?  How many Christians have gone from studying the Word of God for themselves, allowing Holy Spirit to speak and reveal truth them to allowing those who fill the pulpits to do their thinking for them?  For that matter, how many people in the world today have all but lost the ability to think for themselves, and allow intellectuals, philosophers, politicians, and media to think for them?  Is it also possible that the order established by the Lord through which He would show Himself mighty to, through, and for us, is often overlooked because we fail to see any real importance of it?

Look at our Text for Today. In it we see four phrases, all connected by the word “and.” That conjunction, “and” indicates connection, not separation.  At the same time, the manner in which it is stated implies that the “and” would indicate a particular order, or sequence.  Take a closer look at the sequence.

First, “they continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship.”  Their lives were being built around the foundation of the Word of God.  Second, they were faithful in the “breaking of bread, and in prayers.”  They ministered to one another, sharing with one another, serving one another, and praying with and for one another.  This was a result of obedience to the Word in which they continued stedfastly.  Third, “fear came upon every soul.”  This only happens when there is a true sense of the presence, power, plan, and purpose of God.  Following the first two elements, they became more and more aware of the powerful presence of the Lord.  Fourth, “many wonders and signs were done by the apostles.”  When the Word is given first place and final authority, AND when God’s people are together in unity, peace, and prayer, AND when God’s people hold their God in awe and respect, the outcome is manifest in the working of signs and wonders by the hand of the Lord.

I am convinced that our God has set forth in His Word what we could call divine orders, divine sequences, divine steps, that when followed, not out of some legal obligation, but out of loving compliance with His wishes for us, then He manifests His ultimate will in, for, to, through, and with us.  3 John 2 is so powerful in the light of this statement.  There the Lord says, “Beloved, I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.”  Allow the Word to bring soul prosperity to your thinking.  There is a divine result to divine order.

Manna for Today – Acts 2:13-47; Mark 4:26-29; Ephesians 6:10-18; 2 Corinthians 10:3-6


Do You Want the Gift?

Knowing that God is love, when I hear He has a gift for me, I want it!  All of it! 


o You Want the Gift?

Acts 2:38 – Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.


My question for you today is a simply one?  Do you want “the gift of the Holy Ghost?”  knowing that God is love, when I hear He has a gift for me, I want it!  I believe that any sensible person who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ would certainly want any heavenly gift, especially one that has been made available to ALL believers.  And that is precisely what “the gift of the Holy Ghost” is – that gift is for ALL believers.  Sadly, not all believers have received that gift.

Many who are believers think they received that gift when they were born again, but this is not the case.  Let us examine what God’s Word has to say about that.  First of all, consider our Text for Today.  The wording of this verse is critical to this knowledge.  First, Peter said, “Repent.”  That means to change you mind about the way you live, act, and think.  You realize you need Jesus, and so you choose to turn your thinking from a Christ-less life of sin and darkness to a Christ-filled life in following after righteousness.  Then Peter said, “be baptized every one of you in (INTO) the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins.”  This is the act of the new birth.  Please note: receiving “the gift of the Holy Ghost” is SUBSEQUENT TO the new birth.  It is not a part of or simultaneous with the new birth, but SUBSEQUENT TO.

Consider our Manna for Today, especially Luke 11:13.  It is clearly indicated there that one must have a relationship of “child to Father” in order to be a recipient of Holy Ghost.  Read the words closely.  “If ye … know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?”  There it is.  Do you see it?  To receive “the gift of the Holy Ghost,” one MUST know Jehovah God as his/her Father.  And that can only be the case AFTER the new birth.

Once again, I ask you; do you want the gift of the Holy Ghost?  If you are born again but have not already received that wonderful gift, the solution is simple.  Ask, believe, and receive.  The Word of God declares that to be the case, and the Word of God CANNOT lie.  Ask, believe, and receive.  And when you receive, you shall speak with tongues as Holy Spirit gives utterance.  Expect it!  Enjoy it!

Manna for Today – Acts 2:13-41; John 14:15-17; Luke 11:13; 1 John 4:8 &16



There is something about a footstool that is peaceful and therapeutic.


Acts 2:34-35 – For David is not ascended into the heavens: but he saith himself, The LORD said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, Until I make thy foes thy footstool.


Have you ever just taken time to sit down, perhaps in a rocking chair, for a moment of rest?  Was there a footstool by it?  Did you experience a natural urge to simply rest your feet on that stool?  Not only was there something restful in that position, but there comes with that rest a sense of peace and even healing.  It is indeed, not only restful, but peaceful and therapeutic.  It seems that just the word “footstool” brings about a mental image of therapeutic rest and peace.

Not consider that in the  light of our Text for Today.  First of all, to use a footstool properly, one needs to be seated.  To be seated with Jesus in heavenly places is to be in a place of safety, authority, peace, and rest.  It is in that place that one begins one’s life in Christ.  When you are born again, you are raised up and seated together in Christ Jesus in heavenly places.

Next note the position in which you are seated in Christ; “ON MY RIGHT HAND.”  You should be clearly aware that this statement was made by Father to Jesus.  In Biblical thinking, a person’s right hand beneath you is not only a sign of giving full support to the seated person, but a strong indicator of being submitted to the will and desire of the person who is being upheld.  Remember the story of Abraham’s servant sent to find a wife for Isaac.  The servant placed his hand under Abraham’s thigh so that Abraham was basically seated on his servant’s hand.  Now realized WHY Father’s hand is under Jesus.

And how long was Jesus told to sit there?  “Until I make Your enemies your footstool.”  When all the enemies of Jesus have become His footstool, it will be time for Jesus to rise and come to claim His bride.  This is an image for us to follow (imitate) in our own lives.  When you’re born again, your life in Christ has just started.  At that moment, you are not at a place of spiritual maturity to handle all that is in the world.  That takes time, nurturing, growth, teaching, and training.  Could it be that one of the reasons so many Christians have such battles with sickness and disease is that once born again, once seated with Jesus in heavenly places, we launch too quickly into places of life for which we are not spiritually prepared?  Could we be moving too early into places where the enemy has NOT been made our footstool.  We are individuals.  We must remember that just because an enemy is under YOUR feet does not mean that same enemy is under MY feet.  Healing and footstools are related.  Think on this.

Manna for Today – Acts 2:13-41; Psalm 110:1; Isaiah 66:1; Matthew 5:35; Matthew 22:44; Mark 12:36; Luke 20:41-43; Acts 7:49; Hebrews 1:13; Hebrews 10:9-13; James 2:



We Are Witnesses

A witness is one who gives irrefutable proof.  I have proof.  Do you?


Acts 2:32 – This Jesus hath God raised up, whereof we all are witnesses.


I did not witness the birth of Jesus, but I know He was born.  I did not witness any of His earthly signs, wonders, or miracles, but I know He performed them.  I did not witness all the events of His passion, from arrest to crucifixion, suffering, and burial, but I know it happened.  I did not witness His resurrection, but I know He lives.  I did not witness His ascension, but I know where He is seated.  I believe the report of the more than 500 people who saw Him alive after His passion.  I believe the report of those witnesses to be true, so I say without equivocation, I know He lives. 

Allow me to go further.  I DID my father being supernaturally healed on more than one occasion of issues the doctors could not cure; I DID witness His healing in my sons, my wife, many others I know personally, and especially in my own body.  I DID witness healings and miracles of all kinds so far in my life; blind eyes opened, deaf ears unstopped, mutes speaking, cancers, boils, and tumors disappearing, and on three different occasions, the dead raised.  I have seen all these things with my own eyes, so I can report to you, I, too, am a witness. 

I know so many people who have themselves witnessed the same things I have seen, and even more.  I have witnessed them in my home, my city, my county, my state, my nation, and in every nation of the world where I have had the honor to minister.  To all that, I, too, am a witness.  I am sure that many who read my words are themselves, witnesses of the power, majesty, might, glory, love, and workings of our Lord Jesus Christ.  You see, we still have multitudes of witnesses.  But not as many as we shall have, for the best is yet to come.  There shall yet be the outpouring of the early and latter rains together.  There shall yet be a cleaning up of the Church of Jesus and a restoring of the glory, even to greater glory for the coming of Jesus.  You who read this, whether you believe it or not, if you continue to live, shall be witnesses of what I say.  Our great God Jehovah has always had witnesses, has them now, and will, before Jesus comes for His church, have many more.  I urge you – don’t only witness what I say, but join the Lord’s army of witnesses for these days – these days in which the best shall yet come.

Manna for Today – Acts 2:13-41; Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-20; Acts 1:8


The Whole Man

The life of God is for the WHOLE man; all of him; spirit, soul, and body



Acts 2:26 – Therefore did my heart rejoice, and my tongue was glad; moreover also my flesh shall rest in hope:


Our God exists as a Triune being; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  The human being exists in three parts; one is a spirit, one possesses a soul, and one lives in a body.  Our Text for Today is broken into three phrases.  I believe our Text for Today is directly tied to that train of thought.  It is comprised of three phrases, referencing the three parts of the human being, spirit, soul, and body, and in that order.  Let’s look closer.

While we can see a strong reference to the full trinity of the human being, the implication from the Greek words used in this verse seem to point more directly at the soul.  The use of the word “kardia” refers to the seat of feelings (not physical senses) and emotions and thought.  The rejoicing heart is the “kardia.”  The tongue being “glad” refers to a joyous emotional response.  And the flesh resting in “hope” likewise refers to a pleasant expectation, which while connecting to faith, still remains firmly tied to the soulish realm.

Therefore did my heart rejoice.” – For the “kardia,” not the spirit (pneuma) to rejoice, there must be a stimulus that arises from the spirit, for the spirit and soul are joined in such a manner that ONLY the Word can separate between them.  This is a rejoicing that arises from knowing that there is a fixed place of safety for the whole man in Christ Jesus.

My tongue was glad” – This knowing that causes the “kardia” to rejoice is felt deeply enough to evoke words spoken by the tongue that rise from deeply seeded emotions coming from that knowledge.  This is strongly tied to a strength of joy, a fruit of the spirit, that is manifest in thoughts that provoke the tongue to joyous speech.  It is the capturing of every thought (a soulish product) to the obedience of Christ that brings about praise to God.

My flesh shall rest in hope.” – Here is a peace of mind that is so strong that health-destroying stresses are pushed aside, leaving room only for the kind of rest that would follow great labor from which the outcome is blessed, honorable, and prosperous.  It is this kind of “soul prosperity” that brings about healing and health for the flesh, the human body. 

Allow yourself to be completely settled in this truth.  If you belong to the Lord Jesus, if you are born again, then Jesus, being seated on the right hand of Father, is there for His continual work of intercession for you.  Allow our Text for Today to be one of your steadfast confessions of faith in your daily walk with Jesus.  Let your heart rejoice.  Let your tongue speak glad tidings.  Let your flesh rest in hope.  Be completely settled in the peace of the Lord over your whole being.  Jesus is Lord!

Manna for Today – Acts 2:13-41; Matthew 12:34-37


Man Crucified – God Glorified

What LOOKS like a natural end will not BE the end if you are faithful to GOD’S end.


Man Crucified – God Glorified

Acts 2:23-24 – Him, being delivered by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God, ye have taken, and by wicked hands have crucified and slain:  Whom God hath raised up, having loosed the pains of death: because it was not possible that he should be holden of it.


My intention to is certainly NOT to bring up hurtful memories, but rather to provoke the reader to spiritual, emotional, and even physical healing.  So, think for a moment.  What dream, passion, vision, or even ministry has been stripped from you?  I could ask it this way; what joy has Father placed IN your life that has been stripped FROM your life by its being crucified in some way.  It may have been stripped from you by the world and some demonic attack.  Or it could have been stripped from you by some religious-minded person or action due to jealousy or bitterness on someone’s part.  And just as horrible, it may have been taken from you by deceit of the enemy in some way causing you to think you were inadequate, too old, too young, not prepared, or possessed inadequate resources (time, talent, treasure).  I think that it has happened to every believer at some level at some time.  My intention in today’s Second Miler is to prevent that for you in the future, and possibly, to help you see that what has happened in the past is still not irretrievable. 

On at least three occasions, Jesus overcame the vision-stopper, death, to restore to someone a vision they were sure had been taken from them (Jairus’ daughter, widow of Nain’s son, Lazarus).  Paul the apostle was stoned to death in Lystra, his body drug from the city and tossed on a garbage heap, and his friends and followers simply stood by the corpse, all hope stripped from them.  But Paul’s assignment had not been completed; he had not finished the vision the Lord had given him.  I am convinced that it was Paul’s own faith that moved God to put him back into his body after his spirit and soul had gone to heaven, and from that, heal his body and return him to the vision for ministry that was his.  Consider our Text for Today.  Almost all who stood that day on Golgotha believed the ministry of Jesus to be ended.  But it was not.  Satan, using people whose hearts and minds were darkness-ruled, had determined to kill Jesus and end His work.  But God had a plan, and He had instituted that plan through the man, Jesus.  And from that brief season of the darkest of darks, hope, love, life, and faith were resurrected in perfection through Jesus Christ.  What the world thought they had ended, God intended to raise up in glory.  He is still the same God today.  What, of all that God has placed in you, does it seem that man has destroyed – stolen, abused, crucified, and buried?  If God gave it to you, IN HIM it still lives.  Call it forth and let it be raised up to a new glory to honor Him.

Manna for Today – Acts 2:13-41; Proverbs 29:18; Habakkuk 2:2-3


Results of Approval

It requires faith for God’s approval, but there are supernatural results.


Acts 2:22 – Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs, which God did by him in the midst of you, as ye yourselves also know:


All my life, when someone has said or done something that was considered right, good, and worthy of recognition, approval was registered in some way.  It could have been a simple statement such as, “Good,” or “Well-done.”  If it was worthy of extreme notoriety by cultural or social standards, approval might be registered through some reward or special recognition.  Are you aware that Father God has plans for us at the close of time?  He will say to those who have been born again and lived a life pleasing to Him, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

But even before that, Father as a distinctive way of indicating about those who are His and pleased Him His approval they have gained.  Take a moment to read our Text for Today once again.  There you will see the words that Jesus was “a man approved of God among you BY MIRACLES AND WONDERS AND SIGNS, WHICH GOD DID BY HIM IN THE MIDST OF YOU.”  There it is.  Do you see it?  It’s clearly said.  We know that Jesus was “a man approved of God.”  We know, according to the Scriptures that Jesus achieved that status, not only because He was the only begotten Son of God, but because He always did those things that pleased the Father.  And in that light, we must never forget that “without faith it is impossible to please God.”  It was Jesus’ total walk in faith that pleased Father.  And it was on that pleasing of the Father that His approval of God was based.  And following approval comes demonstration of that approval.  In that arena, dear one, God is faithful.

Father’s approval of Jesus came through Jesus’ faith walk, but Father’s demonstration of that approval came through the works that Father did through Jesus.  Once again, look at our Text for Today.  Father’s demonstration of approval for Jesus came “by miracles and wonders and signs.”  The point I make here is in no way intended to belittle or demean any man’s walk with the Lord.  I simply make an observation that must apply to all, especially self (myself).  What “miracles and wonders and signs” are being seen through my ministry; through your ministry.  I am not writing only to those in the five-fold ministry, but to every person who has been born again, to whom has been given the “ministry of reconciliation.”  If we will be honest with ourselves, we must recognize this powerful truth.  A large part of what we see happening (not happening) through our lives as believers is based on our being “approved of God among men.”  Think on these things, let them illuminate our lives, and let us walk in that approval.

Manna for Today – Acts 2:13-41; Mark 16:15-20; Acts 10:38; John 8:29; Hebrews 11:6; John 14:12-14;  2 Corinthians 5:17-21


Approved of God

Being approved of God means one thing – you have pleased the Father.



Acts 2:22 – Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs, which God did by him in the midst of you, as ye yourselves also know:


I’ve a simple question for you today.  What does it mean to you to be “approved” of God?  Yes, I asked what it means to you.  I have no idea the variety of answers that might flow forth from that query.  The world in which we presently live is about as religious as any world that has ever been known.  New religions are popping up every day, almost like dandelions in a warm and abundantly wet spring.  And many of them, like aroma of honeysuckles on one of those spring days right after a gentle spring shower, have an attractive appearance, and an even more attractive aroma.  But, dear one, that in no way makes them right, and certainly not approved of God. 

Allow me to ask my opening question in a different way.  According to the Scriptures, what does it mean to be “approved” of God?  In reality, that is the only way to ask that question to bring forth the only truthful answer.  For you see, there is ONLY ONE WAY to please, or be “approved” of God, and that is found written very plainly in Hebrews 11:6.  There we read that “without faith it is impossible to please God.”  There, my friend, is the definitive answer; the answer that is fixed and settled forever in heaven. 

Now allow me to ask you another question.  Do you want to be “approved” of God?  If that is the case, then you have one alternative.  Set you attention to its fullest on the Word of God, for it is by the hearing of the Word of God that faith comes.  Without faith you cannot please God, and without the Word of God, your faith (if you are a believer) will diminish by the fiery darts of the wicked one until you have insufficient faith to overcome him, and FAITH IS THE VICTORY that overcomes the world.  

Now please permit ONE more question.  Are you willing to be “approved” of God?  I have discovered in my nearly seven decades of living that almost everyone I know has the will, or the desire to win.   But few have the will to PREPARE to win.  Perhaps that should be the question.  Are you willing to PREPARE to be “approved” of God?  In know; many will say that this has nothing to do with works.  But they are wrong.  It most certainly does.  Yes, we are saved by grace through faith, not of works.  However, the Scriptures confirm that faith without works is dead.  You were first “approved” of by God when you were born again.  But at that point begins the growth, the life one must live by their faith in the Son of God Who loved them and gave Himself for them.

Manna for Today – Acts 2:13-41; Hebrews 11:6; John 14:12-14; Mark 16:15-20; John 15:7;               Mark 11:22-24; Romans 10:17; 1 John 5:4; Ephesians 2:1-10; Galatians 2:20-21


No Excuse

Whosoever” means whosoever.  That’s about as simple as it can be.



Acts 2:21 – And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.


Our Text for Today has to be one of the most encouraging and uplifting removers of stress and thoughts of hopelessness to anyone who reads or hears it and believes it.  Are you a “whosoever”?  if you are alive and fall into the class of beings known as human, you are a “whosoever.”  And while becoming a part of many organizations in this world requires so much, becoming a child of God has only two requirements on your part.  You must be a “whosoever,” and you must “call on the name of the Lord.”  Stop for a moment and think deeply about that statement. 

Just think about all the exclusive organizations to which multitudes seek to join themselves.  It may require the accomplishment of some great feat such as climbing Mount Everest.  Or it could require a soaring IQ to which most people will never attain.  And there are organizations or groups that require one to possess extraordinary wealth in order to be a member.  To other groups, one may have to vow an exclusive allegiance that cuts off many other people all about them.  And there are even groups one may join only if they live a certain perverted lifestyle, or even have to live with some type of preventive physical issue. 

But to be a part of the body of Christ, a living, vital member of the Church, and heir of God, and a joint-heir with Christ, you simply have to be a “whosoever” and “call on the name of the Lord.”  In Romans we read what some might call a formula for the new birth.  It declares that if you will confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved.  Oh, the gloriousness of that great truth.  But even that can be done in the simplicity of our Text for Today.  You see, if one calls on the name of the Lord, the indication is clear that they believe that JESUS IS LORD.  And if that person believes that JESUS IS LORD, and then he/she CALLS ON THAT NAME, that person has met the standards of our Text for Today.  Once those standards are met, the grace of God goes immediately to work to bring that person into the state of salvation – the new birth – redemption from the curse of the law – becoming a new creature in Christ Jesus – being made God’s ambassador – a messenger for the covenant.  The simplicity made available to man to become a child of God is to the uttermost, so that “whosoever” one is, he/she is without excuse.

Manna for Today – Acts 2:13-41; John 3:16-17; Romans 10:9-10; Romans 1:16-32; Galatians 3:13-29;      2 Corinthians 5:17-21