And When God Moves…..

Is the church really ready for a move of God?  Here He comes, ready or not.


Acts 4:31And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness.


I know there are some people who will say I am just playing with words, but I am not.  There is a hunger and desire that is growing in my spirit-man every day.  Dear one, I have witnessed more manifestations of the power of Jehovah and the gifts of the Spirit than I can recall, and for each one of them I am eternally grateful.  I love to recall all of them I can, share them with others, and use them at every opportunity as a launching point for thanks, praise, and worship to my Father.

Now some may think me foolish, but I long for more; I long for a might MOVE of God.  Once again, I am thankful to the Lord for all of His manifestations, but when Abba MOVES, things get shaken.  How I pray for our Father God to MOVE among His people, to MOVE among the nations, to MOVE in His church!  You can see the results of Yahweh moving in the Scriptures.  When Father left the Temple when the veil was torn, the earth shook, and the entire Jewish system of worship was shaken.  Oh, that Father would move!  When Paul and Silas praised the Lord from a Philippian jail, God inhabited their praise, and the earth shook.  The jails were opened, chains and shackles fell off, Paul and Silas were set free, and the entire household of the Philippian jailer was saved.  Oh, that the Lord God would come into our praise again and shake prisoners free.  And when Jesus comes to establish His kingdom on this earth, there will be a mighty earthquake.  Oh, that He would demonstrate that coming by so establishing His kingdom in the hearts of men and women of God, especially those in the five-fold ministry, that the people they address would find themselves shaken to their foundations by those who have been shaken to their foundations.  In other words, if men and women of God will shake others, they must first be shaken.  Oh, great and Mighty Ancient of Days, in the Name of Jesus, MOVE, and shake me with your Self that I might be a vessel You can use to shake a sin-soaked, sick, depressed, poverty-stricken world that they might clearly see You Who are exalted on high.

Manna for Today – Isaiah 66:1; Nahum 1:3; Acts 4:6-31; Acts 16:25-26; Matthew 27:51-54; Psalm 18:7; Psalm 68; Hebrews 12:24-39