What Meaneth This?

  • Are you filled with Holy Spirit?  Look up, and only up.  The glory is waiting.


Acts 7:55 But he, being full of the Holy Ghost, looked up stedfastly into heaven, and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing on the right hand of God,


Take a moment today and read the 7th chapter of Acts in its totality.  It won’t take long, and you will be blessed.  At the close of the reading, you see our Text for Today.  Now imagine this scenario as vividly as you can in your mind.  What was happening to Stephen?  He was being called to account for his ministry, both in word and action.  The crowd to whom he was speaking had become brutally angry and were stoning Stephen.  The scene was brutal and horrific.  I am sure most people, being stoned, would have been crying out either in anger or for mercy, trying to cover their face and head, and to ward off as many stones as possible, though such would have been a fruitless attempt at the hail of fist-sized stones (and larger) being hurled at them.  But this was not the case with Stephen.  Consider his demeanor.

As he is being stoned, he was looking up towards heaven.  But more than looking TOWARDS heaven, Stephen was actually looking INTO heaven.  There he saw the glory of God (that is Holy Ghost) and Jesus “standing on the right hand of God.”  Now consider for a few moments the significance of what Stephen saw.

  1. Heaven  was opened before Stephen to see into the very throne room of God.  Here was a dynamic revelation by the Spirit into the glory realm of heaven.
  2. Stephen saw the Trinity.  He saw the “glory of God.”  That is Holy Ghost who raised up Jesus from the dead.  He saw the Lord Jesus, and more than that, he saw Jesus “standing on the right hand of God.”  And he saw the Father, for Jesus was standing beside Him.

Now, for a few moments, consider what it meant that Jesus was “standing.”  I offer these thoughts.  When a dignitary enters a room, those in the room rise in honor of that dignitary, his title, his estate, his power, his authority, and his work.  Could it be that Jesus rose as a sign of conveying honor on one of His saints who stood faithful, even in the face of death?  Furthermore, if a king rises at what he is viewing, it would appear as though something is moving him spiritually and emotionally to the point that he is rising in preparation to do something suddenly.  Could it be that Jesus was about to step into the scenario of Stephen’s stoning to fend off the stoners?  I believe both could be the case.  In either case, Jesus stood for Stephen because Stephen stood for Jesus.  Are you standing for Jesus?  Let us all make sure we are, for we do not want to be found in a place where Jesus does NOT stand for us

Manna for Today – Acts 7; John 14:15-17; Acts 1:8; 1 Corinthians 2:4; Matthew 10:33