Evangelism 101

Where does one start in the work of evangelism?


Acts 8:29 Then the Spirit said unto Philip, Go near, and join thyself to this chariot.


You will find it most helpful to read our Manna for Today before delving deeply into our discussion.  There are some basic things we need to see in order to lay a foundation upon which to build.  Examine the progress from Samaria to water baptism.  Allow me to share with you 10 observations.

1.     Holy Ghost sent Philip in a particular direction; actual destination unknown.  He did the same with Abram.  Has He pointed you in a particular direction; actual destination unknown?

2.     On the journey, Philip encountered the eunuch.  Have you had any encounters on your journey?  Sometimes our “destination” is a person, NOT a place.

3.     Then from our Text for Today, Holy Ghost gave Philip specific instruction to make a personal contact with the eunuch.  Has Holy Ghost directed you to approach someone directly?  Are you keenly listening for instruction from Holy Ghost?

4.     As Philip approached, he was very observant.  Are you being observant, circumspect about those you encounter?  Prejudice MUST give way to righteous judgment.

5.     Philip opened the encounter with a question.  Are you asking questions, or making assumptions?  Unless you have a word of knowledge, questions always trump action.

6.     Philip then answered the question asked of him.  Are you answering the question asked, or are you presuming to know what someone is thinking?  Unless you have a word of wisdom, listening always trumps pontification.

7.     Philip used the passage the eunuch was reading and preached Jesus, NOT theology, eschatology, prophecy, or the like.  He preached Jesus.  Are you familiar enough with the Scriptures to clearly preach Jesus from any passage?  Perhaps our need to “study to show ourselves approved” just took on new meaning.

8.     Is it not amazing that God always provides what is truly needed when it is needed?  And that includes a body of water sufficient for baptism in the desert.  Do you find needs provided through your timely obedience?  It’s not good to come up dry.

9.     When it was time to baptize the eunuch, Philip was ready to perform the needed function.  Are you ready to go beyond “speaking” to “doing?”  We need what I have called “talk-walkers” as never before.  That is someone who not only speaks truth, but lives it.

10.  When Philip was finished on that task, he was caught away by Holy Ghost, and was found many miles away preaching.  And can there be any doubt WHAT he was preaching?  CHRIST!  Are you ready to move from task to task, or do you get comfortable at your last baptism?

This is by no means a complete litany of legitimate observations from Acts 8, but it does indeed make a clear picture for us about the foundational work of evangelism.  It IS a process.  There IS preparation beforehand, during, and after the apparent work.  And there IS (WILL BE) follow-up.  Selah.

Manna for Today – Acts 8:26-40; Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-20; Matthew 9:35-38; Luke 10:1-2

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