A Proper Departure

There is a RIGHT way to depart from a company of believers.


Acts 13:3 And when they had fasted and prayed, and laid their hands on them, they sent them away.


I enjoy looking for patterns.  Patterns can clearly reveal a person’s motives and character.  In looking for patterns, I often see people imitating an action of a person who clearly has the highest motive and character, but the imitation is of action only.  The motive and character are absent.  And dear one, when imitation is imitation of action ONLY, without the presence of highest motive and character, the result can be devastating.  Make no mistake about what I am saying.  HOW you do a thing is important, but JUST AS IMPORTANT is the REASON and CHARACTER (MOTIVATION) behind what is done.

Every word spoken, and every action taken is, in reality, a seed sown.  And it is the REASON and CHARACTER (MOTIVATION) for the sowing of that word or action that feeds a certain DNA into the life of that seed as it grows and reproduces fruit.  All of this speaks to the action of the departure of a single person or a group of people from a defined space or position within the body of Christ.  There IS a way to depart that is proper, but sadly, there are many departures that take place that are completely improper.

Here are some basic rules for departure, that if followed tend to blessing, not cursing.

  • Such departure is the will of God, for it furthers His plan for the person(s) departing AND for the body of Christ.
  • That it is the will of God is clearly known to all those involved; the departing one, AND those remaining.
  • That the parting is done in a covenant spirit of love for one another, the parting, AND those remaining.
  • That the parting is done as an act of covenant, with those remaining partnering with the one(s) departing, having their faith joined together for the blessing of the Lord on those called to depart.

When these elements are NOT in the separation of covenant people, the door is opened for destruction to creep in, if not rush in, and bring about the potential downfall of those involved and the destruction of that to which they set their hands.  Many churches suffer such today because people leave one church in strife and begin attending another church, all the while carrying that seed of strive with them, only to plant it afresh in their new place of worship.  Pastors, as well as elders and church leaders, should guard against this, for it is rampant indeed.  New and struggling churches seem to be most subject to this device of the enemy, but it will try to rear its ugly head any where it can.  Be wise, my friend.  Walk in covenant, hold fast to the truth, and walk in love.

Manna for Today – Acts 13:1-12; Numbers 13:17; Matthew 20:2; Mark 8:9; John 17:18

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