How Much Consideration?

If we truly considered what we say BEFORE we say it, I’m sure many problems could be avoided.


Acts 15:6 And the apostles and elders came together for to consider of this matter.


The concept arises from the deepest wisdom.  There are many adages the point to it, such as “two heads are better than one.”  That is not a statement concerning “heads” being leaders, but being intelligent minds that have thought through a process.  While everyone in leadership, at times, may think themselves to be on shaky ground, in most cases, when there is a multitude of counsellors, issues of safety in decision can be greatly, of not totally, removed.  It’s about wisdom and true knowledge.  We may have heard all the facts, but how many of those facts can and do change from moment to moment?  On the other hand, real truth does not change with every “wind of doctrine.”

Where would the church of the Lord Jesus be today if at every point where a new denomination arose, or people found themselves in the midst of a church split, the matter had been placed before the apostles and elders of the church for examination and consideration?  Is it possible there might be fewer denominations and greater unity in the body of Christ?  Is it possible that the great numbers of churches we seem to see on every corner would exist because of church growth, and not church splits?  I ask you to consider these questions seriously.

In the present hour of church history, there have never been more baited causes for strife and division in the church. The term, “baited causes,” refers to points of contention that are LIKE the “tares” of which Jesus spoke.  The “tare” has a biological term “lolium timulentum.”  While growing and maturing, they look just like the wheat.  But when fully matured, are empty shells.  That is the basis for most church problems; empty shells with a fancy name.  One of the greatest tools God has given His church for discovering those empty shells and preventing their success in the church.  It is found in our Text for Today.  We need the consideration of “apostles and elders;” the truly mature leaders in the body of Christ.

Guard yourself.  If ideas, plans, and schemes are presented to you, or complaints or grievances are given voice, determine if they have been presented to the truly mature leaders of the church.  If they have not, avoid them until they are.  Take heed what and how you hear.  Keep your shield of faith strong; the fiery darts never cease.  Sometimes they come as an open attack on you, but sometimes they come disguised as a matter that needs your personal attention.  When they come like that, go to counsel, and in that multitude, be safe.

Manna for Today – Acts 15:1-21; Proverbs 15:22; Proverbs 24:26; Mark 4:24; Luke 8:10