Not Just a Convenient Place

The place a soldier makes his stand is keenly important.


Acts 19:10 And this continued by the space of two years; so that all they which dwelt in Asia heard the word of the Lord Jesus, both Jews and Greeks.


Today I want to increase your awareness concerning the location the child of God chooses to carry out his delivery of the message of Christ.  The Scriptures do indeed tell us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.  At the same time, we see a repeating work of Holy Spirit in the early church to send teachers to specific places.  Peter was sent to the house of Cornelius.  Paul was sent to different places, and on several occasions tarried on one place for a more protracted time.  For instance, in our Text for Today, we see Paul teaching in the school of a man named Tyrannus for a space of two years.  He had taught for a period of about three months in the local synagogue, and when dispute arose, he moved his place of teaching to the school of Tyrannus, and there, for two years, we read that he taught there daily.   In today’s church parlance, we would call a continued daily ministry of an itinerant preacher a great revival, or outpouring of the Spirit.  Regardless of what you call it, the result of that daily teaching in the school of Tyrannus was that all who dwelt in Asia, both Jew and Greek, heard the word of the Lord.

My point is this.  The Scriptures give us indicators of a time to leave, and sometimes in that leaving, we are to shake the dust from our feet at that point of departure.  At other times, upon our departure, another man, or men, of God may take our place.  Such was the case when Philip departed Samaria after Peter and John came and ministered the baptism of Holy Ghost there.  once again, my point is simple.  While we are sent into all the world, it is not every place in the world that God has a place prepared for us to minister.  The Scriptures declare that Father has ordained good works in which you and I are to walk.  But that doesn’t work well if you try to walk in my works, or I try to walk in yours.  We need to learn to be led by Holy Spirit so we can abide in the calling in which the Lord has placed us.  The Lord told Moses, “There is a place by Me where I will place you in a clift of the rock.”  There are many places in Christ.  You and I don’t belong in all of them.  Allow Him to place you where you need to minister to accomplish the greatest good for the kingdom.  That place will still be in Christ, and when you are in your place in Him, you will accomplish the greatest result.  Prepare yourself to accomplish greater.

Manna for Today – Acts 19:1-10; Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-20; Ephesians 2:10; Exodus 33:21-23