What tools of persuasion do you possess in the winning of the lost?


Acts 26:28 – Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian.


You are a persuader.  Regardless of your name, you are a persuader; regardless of your age, you are a persuader; regardless of your estate in life, you are a persuader; regardless of your position in the body of Christ, you are a persuader.  As a child of God, you are a persuader.  You are a persuader.  You are called to persuade.  You have been equipped to persuade.  You are sent to persuade.  That should be the work and identity of your life; you are a persuader.

I remember sitting in a science lab in college as I pursued my degree in music (the science course was required), and having a conversation with a fellow student.  He said he was a believer, but I saw no fruit to give any indication of that.  We were talking about the Scriptures when I said something that I knew challenged his comfort zone.  Immediately, and in a somewhat hostile tone, he said, “Don’t preach to me.  My faith is private.”  My challenge to him was immediate.  I was not reactive to his somewhat hostile tone, nor was my statement harsh or hostile.  I said to him, “My brother, your faith is certainly personal, but it is in no way private.”  His look betrayed his mild shock at what I had said.  I continued by saying, “Jesus said to let your light shine so men could see your good works. Jesus said we were to preach the Gospel to every creature, not just those who would agree with us.  So, I don’t think I’ll stop preaching, even to you.”  His heart was immediately softened by the word of the Lord, and he received my witness.

You see, I am a persuader.  But you can’t persuade people to whom you fail to give an adequate witness.  So, who will stand responsible if I fail to give an adequate witness?  No one but myself.  And what is an adequate witness?  It is a witness that brings a person to a point of decision.  Having given an adequate witness does not mean a person has accepted Jesus as Lord.  What is does mean is that a witness was given that provokes a person to make a decision.  Did you see the word “provoke?”  That is a verb that indicates forward action; to move someone towards a desired action.  An adequate witness does that; it moves someone forward to a decision.  Their decision may not be to accept Jesus as Lord, but that have been provoked to make a decision.  My friend, the simple truth is this.  Decisionless people will go to hell.  Only those who have made a decision to follow Christ will be saved.  Get busy, my friend.  Persuade.

Manna for Today – Acts 26:12-32; Mark 16:15-20; John 14:12-14; John 13:35; John 15:7; Acts 1:8;           2 Timothy 4:2