Acts 29 – Memorable – 1

To move victoriously into the future, we must remember His works of the past.


1 Chronicles 16:8, 11-12 – Give thanks unto the LORD, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people  ……  Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually.  Remember his marvellous works that he hath done, his wonders, and the judgments of his mouth;


I don’t think I am unusual in this, but I have memories from my early childhood.  I believe that memories can be established in our minds, and in our spirit-man, as we are impacted by what our senses perceive, especially if those points of impact are reinforced with love and kindness from those who flavor the moments with their presence.  I consider myself highly blessed to have memories from my early childhood that have been seasoned and preserved in my life, even to this moment in time; memories I can share with others; memories that bear the mark of the Lord’s hand, not only in my life, but in so many lives that have impacted mine.  How thankful I am for each of those memories!

And there are memories of much more vivid substance that were created from events in my life from that time forward; events of which I partook, and in many cases, the people involved are still alive to testify to the truth of them.  And still there are the memories of others, decades and centuries before my memories, that have ample testimony for the proof of their truthfulness through the writings of multiples witnesses who have, with their own hands handled, their own ears heard, their own eyes seen, their full senses perceived, to stand the test of time.  And all these witnesses speak of their own memories that each of us can set in the archives of our own spirit and soul. 

It will be such memories, truly memorable events of which I prayerfully write the devotions for this year.  You may have many of your own.  Or it could be that your past has been one in which such testimonies and stories have been considered improper, implausible, or simply rubbish.  It is amazing to me that there are yet people on the earth who believe people like Jesus, the apostles, and characters of the Old Testament are purely fictional, or at the best, real characters with fictional histories.  Don’t think that so strange.  There are yet people in the 21st Century who still declare the earth to be flat.  I find it fascinating that there were more witnesses to the resurrected Lord than there were to the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, yet in many schools, Biblical teachings are banned.  To that end I ask you to turn your thinking.  God is real.  Jesus is alive.  Holy Ghost is present in the earth today.  The church is still the body of Christ, and God still works through the church to perform the supernatural.

Manna for Today – Acts 1:1-11; Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-20; John 14:12-17; Philippians 3:13

Don’t Miss the Freedom

One of man’s major problem issues is missing what is desired because of what is present.


Acts 28:16 – And when we came to Rome, the centurion delivered the prisoners to the captain of the guard: but Paul was suffered to dwell by himself with a soldier that kept him.


Perhaps you’ve heard the old adage, “You can’t see for forest for the trees.”  There is great truth in that statement.  It points to one of mankind’s greatest often-encountered problems in day-to-day living.  I am amazed at how many great blessings, lessons we need to learn, and joys of living we can miss every day because of all the other things that are in our lives.  Consider this somewhat imaginative example of what I’m saying. 

Someone tells you that in a dimly lit room before you, there lies in wait for you a box with one million dollars that is yours by merely picking it up and carrying it out of the room.  However, there is also in that room a rattlesnake (quite venomous), a black-widow spider (quite venomous), and a large tarantula.  If you enter the room just focusing on the money, you put yourself in grave danger from the venomous creatures.  If you enter the room just focusing on the problems and dangers, you may find it so easy to overlook the great reward in the room if you but find it, secure it, and walk out with it.

What we are talking about is a matter of circumspection; being aware of your surroundings while being focused on the task at hand, or whatever it is you need to see, discover, or learn.  The scenario above too often fits the way we go about day-to-day living.  There are blessings all about us; key people who can help us, teach us, direct us, even protect us.  There are resources all about us, but because we’ve don’t recognize them, or understand how to retrieve them, and often more importantly, the problem in the room with us becomes a great distraction to us, we go through life with a shortage mentality.  We fail to recognize our opportunities because we lack knowledge, insight, and/or focus.

Allow me to speak to one other issue here; our freedoms.  Our enemy attacks us with all sorts of devices.  We become to caught us in how to avoid the attacks that we fail to see the great freedoms that are ours in Christ by which we can escape.  Symptoms of sickness can be so persuasive that we forget to recognize the authority we have to use the Name of Jesus and His Word to defeat them.  Financial pressures can be so great that we forget our right to make withdrawals from the accounts we have built through our giving (the laws of reciprocity).

My friend, the resources we need are already present.  There are blessings in abundance awaiting our retrieval.  There are victories awaiting our entry upon the scene.  Just because bondage may seem to exist in abundance, don’t miss the freedoms that are more than sufficient that are provided to us by our Lord.

Manna for Today – Acts 28:11-16; Mark 11:22-24; Ephesians 5:15; 2 Corinthians 10:3-6