Acts 29 – Memorable – 3

The writing of the Scriptures concluded about 95 A.D.  This occurred almost 19 centuries later.


Acts 3:9 – And all the people saw him walking and praising God:


The year was 1979.  I had traveled to Jamaica for several days of meetings in and around the city of Ocho Rios.  Several of the meetings in which I ministered took place in the Hotel Intercontinental in Ocho Rios.  It was in one of those meetings that the following miracle took place.

I had ministered almost every night of our trip, and our hosts had scheduled me to speak at a Saturday morning meeting in the Hotel Intercontinental night club (it was only used in the evenings).  We started at 9 AM that morning, continuing until almost noon.  Many were born again, several Spirit-filled healed.  Following the meeting I adjourned to my hotel room.  I was not aware that I was followed through the hotel lobby to the elevators until I got on the elevator to go to my room.  When I pushed the button for the 7th floor, someone in the elevator shouted to the people outside, “Seven!”  When I exited the elevator on my floor, two of the local ministers who had been in the meeting followed me.  When I entered my room, one of them asked to join me.  While I was a bit tired, I had come to minister, and I was comfortable in inviting him into my room.  Over the next several meetings, other people came to my door, and soon the room was filled.  I literally sat on the headboard of my bed as people filled every corner of the room.  Some were even sitting on the rail of the balcony, being held securely by those near them.  They were so hungry for the truth of God’s Word, and the presence of the Lord was powerfully manifest. 

One of the people who came to the room was a polio victim, walking on two crutches that attached to her arms, leg braces on both legs.  A little after one in the afternoon, she began to move about, first rising with the aid of a friend.  In the next moments, I witnessed a miracle.  She had her friend help her remove the leg braces.  Then she handed someone, first one crutch, and then the other.  She stood for a few moments on her own, and then took her first steps.  In just a few steps, she was maneuvering herself, unaided, through the crowd in my room.  She walked to the balcony and threw the crutches over the rail into the flower garden below.  And finally, rejoicing in dancing and leaping before the Lord, the left the room completely whole.  This was more than a healing, as there was no cure for polio.  This was a miracle.  More than 70 people witnessed it, and over my time of ministry before departing Jamaica, and even on subsequent trips to Jamaica, I saw her in our services, completely whole, praising the Lord.  More of Acts 29.

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