Acts 29 – Memorable – 11

Have we forsaken the power of God concerning psychological and emotional issues, real or perceived?


Matthew 17:15 – Lord, have mercy on my son: for he is lunatick, and sore vexed: for ofttimes he falleth into the fire, and oft into the water.


The first time I saw the lady about which I write today, she was attending what became a six-week protracted crusade at the church my family was attending in the mid-seventies.  I was very new to ministry, with so much to learn, and so much growing to do.  At that point in time, I was growing quickly, and was blessed to have a close relationship with a true New Testament evangelist.  But the evening the lady in question came to the meetings, I saw what I had never seen.  When the evangelist ministered to the people that evening, she came forward to receive.  She had epilepsy.  It was quite advance, and she was having as many as 15 grand mal seizures each month.  To complicate her world, she was a new mother with a three-month old baby.  But her condition, the frequency of her seizures, and the medication she was taking meant that the doctor would not allow her to hold her own child. 

The evening she came to the meeting, God was surely in the house.  The evangelist delivered a great word of faith, and then ministered to those who came to receive.  When he spoke with her, he quickly discovered that though she believed the Lord could heal her, she wasn’t sure He would heal her.  The evangelist’s response to that was so strong in faith that it shocked the people.  While there is not room here to share it, he simply stepped into an arena of faith, trusting the Lord to perform His Word, that most of those present were amazed.  After speaking some instruction to her, he spoke a faith command that the spirit causing this issue should depart, declared the young lady free and healed, and laid his hands on here as a point of contact to release his faith.  She was slain in the spirit, and lay on the floor, motionless for quite some time.  When she finally arose, the joy of the Lord shining from her face was quite remarkable.

But it was almost two weeks later that the fullness of her testimony began to be seen.  She was coming to church, carrying her baby, and that without fear.  Her family was attending with her, rejoicing in all they had seen daily.  Soon, at the doctor’s orders, she was medication free, having no seizures, and sharing her testimony at every opportunity.  She was completely healed and delivered.  And for as long as we had contact with her through the church, she continued to be seizure-free, taking no medication.  Once again, I had witnessed Acts 29 in full performance, almost 1,900 years after the Scriptures were written. 

Manna for Today – Matthew 17:14-21; Mark9:22; John 14:12-14; John 17:18; John 20-21