Acts 29 – Memorable – 16

No matter where Satan shows himself, reckon with him; never reason with him.


Mark 5:8 – For he said unto him, Come out of the man, thou unclean spirit.


In the early 80’s, a few years before I began my pastoral work, I was speaking in a meeting in a local school in China Grove, North Carolina.  It was a special service set up by local ministers, and was being held on a Saturday evening in the school auditorium.  There was a powerful, tangible presence of Holy Spirit that only seemed to reach new levels as the service continued.  During the alter service that followed, many people came forward to receive healing and deliverance, and prayer for other issues, too. 

Unknown to us was the fact that the custodian who has opened the auditorium to us had been drinking prior to the opening.  He had sat in a dark corner of the back of the auditorium, listening to the music at the beginning of the service.  He enjoyed it, so he decided to stay.  The alcohol had taken such a toll on him that he was unable to leave, and so had to sit there and witness all that was going on.  I looked up from ministering to one person and saw one of my host ministers coming toward the stage, helping a man beside him to stay on his feet.  He had seen the custodian sitting in the darkness, and approached him.  The custodian told him he wanted to be free from alcohol and give his heart to Jesus.  And there he was, waiting for ministry. 

I asked him his name and why he had come.  He told me his name and why he had come.  I asked him if he was ready to confess Jesus as Lord and accept Him as his Savior.  It seemed as though his tongue was tied.  He tried to speak, but could not.  Very quickly I realized that we were dealing with more than just alcohol.  We were dealing with a demon spirit.  At that moment, an oppressive and foul odor suddenly flowed out of the man.  It was sickening.  I knew it was a demonic manifestation attempting to put us off track from the work at hand.  Instead of attempting to reason with my senses and circumstances, I chose to reckon with the devil.  I cast the devil out in the Name of Jesus.  The man fell to the floor as if dead.  In seconds, he stood back to his feet, weeping, crying out for Jesus to save him.  And amazingly, the foul odor was gone, and even his breath was as sweet as a child’s.  I led him in prayer according to Romans 10:9-10, he prayed that prayer, and was gloriously born again.  Our team prayed for him yet again, and he received the baptism in Holy Ghost and spoke with tongues as the Spirit gave utterance.  Another glorious manifestation of Acts 29, nineteen centuries after the writing of the Scriptures was complete.

Manna for Today – Mark 5:1-20; Romans 10:6-17; Luke 11:13; John 17:18; John 20:21

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