Acts 29 – Memorable – 17

Can you imagine seeing a dead man rise up and walk?!  Ask a blind man who now sees.


John 11:43 – And when he thus had spoken, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth.


I was there in early 1999; and so were hundreds of others.  I was part of the leadership team leading about 50 people to a two-week mission trip to Arequipa, Peru.  We had ministers, educators, doctors, and more on this trip.  Our medical teams, along with volunteers from a local hospital, conducted daily medical clinics.  Our lead medical person was a highly regarded cardio-thoracic surgeon.  We had people working with children and youth, others were involved in construction at a local church site, and we had our first taste of a school of ministry, training local ministers in leadership.  And nightly, we held crusade meetings under a tent, and each meeting was a standing-room-only crowd.

It was in one of the nightly crusade meetings that the following took place.  One of our ministers had delivered a sermon, and all of our team was involved in alter ministry, praying for so many people with so many needs.  A man came into the tent during that time.  He was curious about the crowd.  As he stood watching, he did what a man would naturally do.  He decided to lean on one of the main tent poles; it was about 20-feet high, and made of aluminum.  (Here it helps to understand that the electrical current that supplies everything in Peru is 220-volts.)  It was raining lightly outside, and we did not know that water was running down the aluminum pole through the metal brackets that held the inside lighting.  Unknown to anyone present, the pole had become electrified.  When the man in question (his name was Manuel) touched the pole, he was instantly electrocuted.  It looked like his body was suddenly spun around the pole, and the momentum threw him about 10 feet away.  People immediately began to scream for medical attention.  The cardio-thoracic surgeon, and his team, came to him immediately, while some of our team wrapped the poles in cardboard and tape to insulate them, preventing further danger.

After several minutes later, the medical team stood up, saying there was nothing they could do.  Manuel was dead.  The Spirit of the Lord moved on me strongly.  I went to his lifeless body, knelt beside him, and said to Father, “I will do what You say.”  Then I said to the dead man, “Satan cannot have your life through this.  You shall live.”  Finally, I gave a faith command, “Live, in the Name of Jesus!”  I laid my hand on his chest, and suddenly, he began to breath.  Our doctor briefly examined him.  Manuel was alive!  Within seconds, he was standing.  And in only a few moments, he had become a Christian.  I was there, and so were hundreds of others, witnessing Acts 29 in person, 20-centuries after Jesus was raised from the dead.  It’s real, my friend; it’s real!

Manna for Today – John 11:1-44; John 14:12-14; John 17:18; John 20:21