Acts 29 – Memorable – 19

The things we witness can help us see more clearly things that happen later.

Daniel 3:17 – . . . our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us . . .


I grew up in a small community in North Carolina.  It was close to Winston-Salem, and I cannot tell you how blessed my life has been because of things I saw, learned, and experienced in my childhood days.  We attended a small church called the Union Tabernacle.  The pastor was Henry Hutchins, and his was a miracle story in itself.  In our church, white people, black people, and Native American people all worshipped together, loved one another, and shared life together in our community on equal terms.  In that small community, I did not know what racial discrimination was.

Our church was heated in the winter by a small wood stove that sat near the wall, between the front pew and the alter.  The stove pipe vent ran from the stove through the wall to the outside.  In the winter, that pipe would often glow red from the intensity of the heat in that wood stove.  There were occasions when Holy Ghost would move in a powerful way, that the saints would be shouting and dancing about the church.  On more than one occasion, it as witnessed by everyone present when one of the saints, lost in the Spirit, would literally fall across that red-hot stove pipe.  I have watched when the pastor’s wife would fall across that hot pipe, and the pastor would come over and lift her off the pipe and put her on a pew.  She was not burned, her clothes were not damaged, and there was no physical evidence that any thing had happened.  Yet it was witnessed by many witnesses.

My friend, that was Acts 29 in full demonstration.  I am talking about a miracle.  This would fall into the category of Jesus walking on water, people taking up stones to stone Jesus and not being able to find Him as He merely walked through the crowd, Paul being bit by a venomous viper, Daniel in the den of lions, and Paul being raised to life, completely whole, after being stoned to death in Lystra.  It is the supernatural protection of the Lord from something that would bring devastating harm, if not loss of life, to one of His covenant people.  I believe most Christians have experienced this in their lives, though many may not even be aware of it.  In fact, it is likely that every Christian has been delivered from far more than he/she is even knows.  Always remember, His mercy endures forever, His compassions are new each day, and His grace is sufficient for you.

Manna for Today – Daniel 3; Isaiah 54:17; Psalm 91; John 17:18; John 20:21