The Demonic MUST Bow

In a world where the church speaks little of the demonic, the world is overflowing with it.


Mark 1:25 – And Jesus rebuked him, saying, Hold thy peace, and come out of him.


What is happening in our churches today?  In most churches (not all), little if anything is taught concerning demonic activities, how to recognize them, how to deal with them, and the real authority of the believer to act in that arena.  And yet, that which is mentioned little, if any, in our church ministry, is having a season of horrid fruitfulness in the lives of and against many believers.  The enemy has done well in his ploy to hide his activities behind social, political, and psychological facades, all the while being like an ocean mollusk that is attached to the pilings that support structures on which people live, work, and socialize.  In that scenario, mollusks attach themselves, unseen by people above, to the very support columns, even concrete, and bore them full of holes, weakening the foundation of the structures they are to support.  This is certainly dangerous in the natural world, and even more so in the realm of the spirit.

And too often, people who recognize the demonic realm, seem to attempt to capitalize on it.  I have witnessed it when those that are known to exorcise demons seem to shine the spotlight on the demons they encounter.  They spend hours conversing with a possessing demon, almost putting on a show as if to entertain onlookers.  I have literally witnessed someone who is supposed to be casting out demons, take a break for a fund-raising commercial for their ministry.  My friend, such should not be the case.  This is NOT the way Jesus dealt with demons, and He is our example, not a 21st century minister of some sort who sheds more light on the demon than he gives glory to Jesus.

Note our Text for Today.  Jesus had encountered a demon possessed man in the synagogue.  It is obvious that the demon recognized Jesus, and used that recognition as a means to confront Jesus, attempting through fear to drive Him away, or at least, cause Jesus to go on His way, not bothering with the demon.  But Jesus would not be the object of Satan’s trifling actions.  In the confrontation that occurred, the demon recognized Jesus, attempting to show off his spiritual awareness.  He was trying to draw Jesus into a dialogue.  But Jesus would have none of it.  See the Lord words in our Text for Today.  Jesus gave two commands; “Hold your peace,” and “come out of him.”  Jesus did not want the conversation, though it appeared to draw attention to Him.  Jesus understood all too well that words have power, and He did not desire to hear anything the devil said.  We must adopt the same attitude.  The devil didn’t like it, and he showed his irritation by antagonizing the man and making his cry out loudly.  But the final affect was “he came out of him.”   You see, “the work of righteousness (and Jesus was righteous) is peace, and the effect of righteousness, quietness and assurance forever.”  When righteousness speaks, the demonic must bow.

Manna for Today – Mark 1:21-28; Mark 16:15-20; John 14:12-14; John 17:18; John 20:21; Isaiah 32:17