Power at Every Level – Part 1

What Jesus lived and demonstrated now belongs to the child of God.  Learn to use it; then use it.


Power at Every Level – Part 1

Mark 2:3 – And they come unto him, bringing one sick of the palsy, which was borne of four.


The incident surrounding our Text for Today is one of the most powerful pictures of being redeemed that exists in the Scriptures.  And it likewise paints a picture of the power of Biblical agreement.  Let’s examine it regarding participants, today’s being a look at the four men who carried the palsied man to Jesus.  Some things about them should be obvious. 

  • They had heard of Jesus, and knowing where He was, agreed together on a plan.
  • They believed Jesus could do something for the palsied man.
  • They loved the palsied man, putting their own testimony at risk with their plan.
  • They were willing to take a risk in their actions to tear away the roof over Jesus’s head.
  • They were mutually determined to carry out the plan.

Though nothing is mentioned of the men once their friend was lowered before Jesus, it stands to reason that these were men who believed in covenant with God, and believed in the ability and willingness of the Lord to heal their friend.  I can only imagine how they had to coordinate their efforts to achieve this task.  They had to put their own life on hold, at least for a few hours.  They carried their friend who had palsy, over various kinds of terrain, through streets, around buildings, perhaps some miles to get him to where Jesus was.  Then arriving where Jesus was, they could not get to Jesus because the crowd was too great.  Seeing their plans being stopped, they decided to lift him to the roof, tear away part of the ceiling, and let him down before Jesus inside the house.  I have witnessed people with various kinds of palsy, and those who cannot get around on their own are very leery of falling, or being dropped, especially in places where their movement is difficult.  Can you imagine the terror of the palsied man as they lifted him skyward to the roof?  These men had to deal with that, I am sure, reassuring him throughout the process.  Often, in ministering to people who have great insecurities, constant reassurance is necessary, and can be very taxing on those who are trying to help.  Yet these men persisted. 

While we can be relatively assured that they witnessed the complete healing of their friend, they are no longer mentioned.  But the only notice of them that really mattered is in the words of what drew the attention of Jesus to them.  “When He (Jesus) saw their faith, He said unto the sick of the palsy…”  Do you see the importance of these words in verse 5?  As soon as Jesus saw their faith, He went to work.  He hasn’t changed.  Show Him your faith.  He stands ready to day to honor your faith, immediately.

Manna for Today – Mark 2:1-12; Mark 11:22-24; Matthew 18:19-20; Deuteronomy 32:30; John 14:12-14; John 17:18; John 20