According to Your Faith

It’s not just any faith, but your faith, that makes a great difference.


Matthew 9:29 – Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you.


Take a moment and consider as many of the works of Jesus during His earthly ministry as you can recall.  How often did Jesus attribute the work He did to the faith of the person on whom the work was performed?  This was the case with many of His miracles and healings.  He healed the Roman centurion’s servant when He marveled at the centurion’s faith being unlike anything He had seen in Israel.  To the woman with the issue of blood, to blind Bartimaeus, and the blind men in our Text for Today, He laid the account to the faith they brought to the point of their need.  His words in our Text for Today, “According to your faith be it unto you,” are some of the most powerful words ever spoken.  And since Jesus and His Word never changes, the proper application of faith will work for every child of God in the New Covenant, and carries the potential to do even more.

In each of the referenced incidents above, the faith one exercised toward the Lord and His Covenant Word had direct impact on the results from the exercise of that faith.  Many believers today practice a walk with the Lord that absolves them of all responsibility.  You will hear them add to whatever prayer they pray, “if it be Thy divine will.”  My dear friend, for the vast majority of the prayers one can pray, such a statement is a waste of time, an indicator that the person praying is not exercising faith, and likely has little or no knowledge of the will of God in the matter.  Allow me to ask a question.  Do you have a Bible?  If you do, you have a copy of the will of God for almost everything you could ever need in life.  The Scriptures state very clearly the will of God for one’s salvation, for healing, for deliverance, for provision and prosperity, and for victory in life for you and every member of your family.  Yes, there are some things the Bible does not set forth specifically concerning Father’s will for your life.  For instance, the Bible does tell you who to marry, where to live, or the color of car you should buy.  But even in those arenas, you are given certain guidelines to help you make your own choice.  But in all that, do not make the mistake that you can live without the possession, use, and execution of faith.  The Scriptures are plain.  “Without faith, it is impossible to please God.”  It is your faith that pleases God, moves mountains, uproots trees, and opens the way for miracles, healing, deliverance, and provision.  In those areas you should know that it is always “according to your faith;” or somebody’s faith.

Manna for Today – Matthew 9:27-31; Mark 5:34; Mark 10:52; Matthew 8:10-13; Romans 10:17;        Hebrews 1:1 & 6; John 14:12-14