Wherever He Is, Have Faith

There is something truly wonderful about the fact that Jesus, the Anointed One, never changes.


John 5:1 – After this there was a feast of the Jews; and Jesus went up to Jerusalem.


Everything Jesus ever did, every word He ever spoke, especially from His baptism by John at the Jordan, carried significance.  It may even be said that this was a part of His life from as early as age 12 in the Temple in Jerusalem.  But we can be sure that from His baptism forward, every moment of His life carried great significance.  Whether it was His teaching, His rebukes, His works, His timing, His obedience to Father, and even the places He chose to reveal certain truths were all of immeasurable significance.

And because He always walked in obedience to His Father, always did those things that pleased His Father (that means all He did was in faith), He always walked in the fullness of the power of the Spirit that was upon His life.  Because He always walked fully in His anointings, Holy Spirit was always upon Him in the fullness of power to perform whatever He spoke to glorify Father. 

So, consider my queries about the events that occurred around this entry into Jerusalem at a feast time.  I believe that when Jesus came up to Jerusalem, especially for feast times, He would have entered with other celebrants through the Eastern Gate, singing the Songs of Ascent.  So, whether He entered that way, or came by way of the Sheep Gate, going to the Pool of Bethesda would have been well out of His way.  Also, Jesus knew that at the Pool of Bethesda, there would be a multitude of sick and impotent folk with all manner of sickness and disease.  Yet when He arrived there, He went to only one person.  Have you ever wondered why He did not do as He had done at other times and “healed them all?”  It should be obvious that Jesus certainly walked in sufficient power to heal every-one He encountered.  Yet He did not?

In His Own hometown, He did no mighty works, only healing a few folks of minor ailments.  Why?  The Scriptures tell us plainly it was because of their unbelief.  While we do not know for certain why Jesus did not heal everyone around the Pool of Bethesda that day, but it is still obvious, He walked in the anointing to do it, had Father so directed.  It should likewise be clear, knowing Jesus always pleased Father, that at the Pool of Bethesda, He was not directed there but for the healing of one man.

I ask you to consider the following.  What need do you have in your life?  Can Jesus meet that need?  Yes!  The question then abides, will Jesus meet that need?  While we may not recognize that the man He healed had faith, it is obvious he did.  When Jesus told Him to get up, he did.  That took faith.  My friend, wherever you are, have faith in God, for Jesus can, and Jesus will.

Manna for Today – John 5:1-9; Hebrews 13:8; Malachi 3:6; 1 John 3:22; Matthew 12:15; Luke 6:19 second miler – Wherever He Is, Have FaithRe: Daily Balance