Storms – Part Five

There are times when being detained seems much like being arrested.


Mark 4:37 – And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full.


When we speak of this second kind of storm, one sent by the Lord to arrest you, it may also be seen as detainment for a time allowing a God-desired event to occur in your life.  Jonah was arrested to be brought to a point of repentance, and ultimate successful service to the Lord.  And if we look further back, we see the Lord using Jacob’s thinking as an arresting, or detaining element to bring about a reconciliation between brothers that the Lord desired. 

Jacob had been greatly blessed with a large family and great riches.  But when he realized he was about to encounter his brother, Esau, he worried what Esau might do because of what he and his mother had done to gain Isaac’s blessing that should had been, in truth, swindled from Esau.  Jacob was doing all he could to prevent Esau from potentially bringing harm to his wives and children, especially Rachel and her children.  If possible, he would have avoided this meeting altogether.  But his thinking effectively paralyzed any real progress toward that end.  God used this, delaying Jacob’s forward progress so this encounter would take place.  God wanted reconciliation between brothers, and it made no difference what Jacob thought. 

Finally, when the brothers met, Jacob was really taken aback by Esau’s approach, kindness, love, and sharing.  In this there was not a natural storm, but there certainly was one in Jacob’s mind.  Delay, a momentary arresting, brought about reconciliation, and no one was hurt.  A look back to Jonah’s situation shows us similar results.  When God sends a storm to arrest someone, while many other people may be affected by the storm, God sees to it that others are not hurt.  Though the ship and all on it were caught in a terrible storm, when His arrest of Jonah had finally taken place, and Jonah was incarcerated in the great fish, the storm ceased, and no one was hurt by the devices the Lord used. 

Consider your own life.  Have there been times when the Lord has arrested you?  If He has, you can look back on that time and see that others were not hurt by that which the Lord sent to arrest you.  Do you think you might be in an arresting storm now?  If you are, submit yourself to the Lord.  Draw closer to Him, and He will draw closer to you.  He’s calling you to turn around.  He will meet you at your U-turn, and that which follows may be the supernatural time of your life you’ve ever known.  Wait no longer.  Put yourself in His custody.  There’s work to do that has your name on it.

Manna for Today – Mark 4:35-41; Romans 8:1-17; 2 Timothy 2:15; Jonah; Genesis 33; James 4:7-12

Storms – Part Six

There are some storms that come with one intent; steal, kill, and destroy.  Handle them with force.


Mark 4:37 – And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full.


In today’s edition of the Second Miler, we will deal with the third kind of storm that may arise in one’s life.  This is the storm that rises from hell, a pure tool of the devil, and carrying full intent to steal what you have, kill you, and destroy any witness and legacy you have.  Jesus warned us of this underlying motive to everything Satan does.  That is his sole final intent in his existence.  But the primary element he uses to accomplish that is revealed to us in Mark 4.  It begins with what I call his first strike initiative.  When the Word of God is sown, Satan comes immediately to steal that Word. 

Prior to the storm recorded in Mark 4, Jesus had taught the Word all day to the people, and in that teaching, He warned them that when the Word is sown, Satan comes immediately to steal it.  Then when His disciples sent the people away, and set sail for the other side of the Sea of Galilee, Jesus being asleep in the back of the boat, this storm arose.  The very thing about which Jesus had warned them was taking place.  Satan came immediately to steal the Word.  Jesus had said to His disciples, “Let us pass over unto the other side.”  He then went to sleep in the ship, trusting His disciples to carry out His wishes.  This is a powerful picture of Jesus and His church today.

Jesus gave orders to the church.  Go into all the world.  Preach the Gospel to every creature. Make disciples; baptize.  He told us the signs that should be following us.  Then He went and was seated on the right hand of Father, there waiting until His enemies are made His footstool.  Does that pattern sound familiar?  It certainly does.  (1) He prepares His followers by pouring His Word and Spirit into them.        (2) He then gives an order that they are to fulfill.  (3) He then trusts them to carry out His orders.  (4) He is always present for them if they need Him. 

That being the case, not only should we put our full trust in the pattern He had revealed, but we should also fully trust His warning.  When the Word of God is sown in your heart, Satan comes immediately to steal that Word.  He raises up storms of all kinds, shapes, and descriptions to steal the Word.  That’s where the church is NOW; in this present moment.  Satan in doing all he can to thwart the work of God’s Word by stealing it, pressuring it, and choking it.   Satan WILL FAIL.  Jesus also taught that, for the gates of hell shall not prevail against our Lord’s church.

Manna for Today – Mark 4:35-41; Romans 8:1-17; 2 Timothy 2:15; John 10:10; Isaiah 54:17;            Mark 11:22-24; Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15-20