What in the World Is Happening? – Part Twenty-eight

Father, in the Name of Jesus, PLEASE raise up bold ambassadors!

Mark 4:3 & 26 – Hearken; Behold, there went out a sower to sow:….&…..So is the kingdom of God, as if a man should cast seed into the ground;


When one reads the book of Job as a piece of literature, and especially if one notes WHO said WHAT to WHOM, and observes the context, a great deal can be learned about the character of our God Who is a God of mercy, justice, righteousness, and Who will not afflict.  One also sees that that reality of the discourse between Job and his three friends was little more than a debate between two sides of a discussion, Job justifying himself, and the three friends attacking Job unjustly. 

To read the book of Job for the revelation it gives concerning the 21st century church, one needs to recognize what each character in the scenario represents.  Of course, God and Satan represent themselves.  The other characters represent elements of the modern church.  Job – what might be called the more traditional church structure.  Eliphaz, Bildad, & Zophar – Media, intellectual elite, and press, all of which have Christians within their ranks, many of whom have been deceived by modern liberalism in thought.  Job’s wife – Christians who are easily upset and quick to throw OUT opinions, while throwing IN the towel.  Job’s servants – the five-fold ministry whose assignment is to serve the body of Christ.  Elihu – ambassadors for Christ who have held fast to the absolute truth of God’s Word.

Today I want to call forth that final group.  Are you a Christian?  Do you truly believe the Word of God?  Are you ready and willing to take up the Word of God, speak its truth in and over every situation in life, and be bold enough to confront, if called upon by the Lord, even those who may appear to have some authority or seniority over you?  I know that final question is a loaded one.  Still, that question must stand.  For if you are a Christian and truly believe the Word of God, if you are not willing to answer in the affirmative to the final question, you make yourself move of a liability in the work of the Lord than an asset.  Yes, that is a strong statement, but still, it must stand.  In the Job scenario, it was the young man named Elihu who assumed that role towards Job and his friends.  He spoke boldly, clearly, directly, and specifically to Job’s matter, to his self-justification, and to the wrongful judgment of his friends.  And when he had spoken, the way was fully prepared for God to speak into the matter.  My friends, that is what, or who, is needful today.  So, the question remains.  Who will be the Elihu(s) of this hour?

Manna for Today – Mark 4; Genesis 3:7 & 21; Hebrews 9:22; Psalm 91; Isaiah 54:17; Ephesians 2:10; Deuteronomy 28:1-14; Matthew 24; Luke 17:26; Genesis 6:11; 1 Corinthians 10:13; Job