In the Tent

Where are you standing at this moment in history?


Genesis 18:9 – And they said unto him, Where is Sarah thy wife? And he said, Behold, in the tent.


Our Text for Today may seem a bit strange, but it really isn’t.  I believe it is a clear picture of where different elements of the church world is at this moment in relationship to what is happening.  Please take time to read our Manna for Today passages, and allow them to speak clarity to you.  And then consider what I write to you.

God, accompanied by angels, had come for a personal visit with Abraham.  He was welcomed by Abraham, and Sarah was busied with the work of preparing a meal for the honoring of their guests.  Abraham was face-to-face with the Lord, but Sarah, though busy in the tent preparing the meal, was overhearing the conversation.  She was in her appropriate place (in the tent) for that culture, doing what she was supposed to be doing (in the tent), but when the Lord said she would bear a child, she, being somewhat concealed in the tent, laughed.  Then when confronted about it, she denied that she had laughed, was rebuked, and ultimately accepted the word of the Lord, even though she was still in the tent.

Now, let’s bring that scenario into today’s church.  We are expecting our men and women of God who lead our churches to be in communion with the Lord in what He wants the church to experience, and to ultimately bring that to the church.  At the same time, many faithful saints who are working in the church (in the tent), busy about their churchly duties (in the tent), are in a position (in the tent) to hear the conversation, to hear what is being said, but not deliberately receiving what is said personally, and embracing it for tomorrow. 

My writing today is not intended as any kind of rebuke, but to be an alarm bell for those in the tent.  God is speaking to and about us in the tent.  Open your ears from whatever position you hold in the body of Christ and hear what the Lord is saying.  He may be speaking face-to-face with one person, but what He is saying to the church is for the whole church, and that includes you.  As He spoke to Abraham in the door of the tent, His words were for Sarah in the tent.  Hear the Lord speak, and when you do, don’t laugh in doubt in the tent, but rejoice in faith as though you were standing in the door of the tent.  God had a great plan for the father of our faith, Abraham, and He needed Sarah in that plan.  God has a great plan for the seed of Abraham, and as His seed, He needs you in that plan (in the tent).  Listen closely.

Manna for Today – Genesis 18:1-16