Daily Bread – Part 1

I am so glad the Word of God is ageless in its clearly understandable application.


Luke 11:3 – Give us day by day our daily bread. 


Bread.  One word.  But what does that one word mean to the hearer?  It would depend to some degree upon the hearer’s perspective at any given moment.  Jesus is the bread of life.  Bread, a universal food made from some kind of grain, is recognized all over the globe.  When we take Communion, the bread represents the broken body of Christ.  Jesus called bread the healing of the children.  In Ecclesiastes bread is an element of sowing, or giving, and in such a reference could refer to money or element of finance. 

Today we will look at the aspect of the “bread” as the Word of God.  After He had fasted 40 days, He was hungry.  It was at that time Satan came to tempt Him, and the first of the three temptations He faced was Satan’s challenge to “turn the stones to bread.”  In all three temptations, Jesus’ response always came directly from the Word.  In all three instances, He prefaced the quoting of the Scripture with “It is written…”  But it was at the first temptation that Jesus concluded His rebuke to Satan with the words, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”  

Also, consider the truth that Jesus is the Word of God made flesh.  That happened when Mary accepted in full faith that the Word of God that came to her concerning the virgin birth was absolute truth, and yielded herself fully to Holy Ghost Who came upon her, causing the Word of God to be conceived in her womb.  And of course, we see a full confirmation of that truth when Jesus sat with His disciples at the last supper and said to them that the bread of which they partook represented His body, the Word made flesh, that was broken for them. 

It is that same Word that is received into the human spirit, and believed, that becomes the living reality of whatever it has stated to and for the believer.  The Word of God  spoken into the spirit of the believer becomes “life to them that find it, and health to all their flesh.”  The Word of God, as “life to them that find it,” signifies “bread” goes beyond that which feeds the flesh.  The “bread” of which we speak is the ”bread of life,” and that is precisely Who Jesus is.  And it is that “bread of life” that feeds “spirit and life” to the born-again human spirit.  Please note that this study is in no way exhaustive.  It is intended to present one of the great Biblical truths in a very simple way.  But let us remember that this “bread of life” that became flesh was also “full of grace and truth.”

Manna for Today – Luke 11:1-13; Matthew 4:4; Luke 4:4; Matthew 15:26; Mark 7:27; John 1:1;               1 John 5:7; Ecclesiastes 11:1-6; Proverbs 4:20-23; John 6:63