Higher Acceptability

Every believer should seek to rise higher in acceptability to the Lord.


Proverbs 21:3 – To do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.


Take a moment to read our Text for Today once more, and then seriously consider what it is saying to you.  There are sacrifices that are called for by the Lord, and when offered, are as highly acceptable to Him as anything else.  Such is the “sacrifice of praise.”  When done in obedience to the Word, such sacrifice is an offering of true love (agape) to Father.  However, if the sacrifice is made while failing to walk in obedience to the Word, then such sacrifice holds little, if any, affect on the Lord.  In all legitimate sacrifice, obedience is one of the key ingredients to make the sacrifice acceptable.

But there is a sacrifice that many Christians have become accustomed to making, especially during the issues faced across the world in the last year.  My heart is saddened by these sacrifices, and I am sure it likewise saddens our Father’s heart.  Allow me to offer this statement, and some brief comments following.  So many Christians have sacrificed fellowship and obedience on the altar of government, and failed in obedience to the Word of God.  My dear reader friend, this must be turned around, and it will require the great hand of Father God in the process.  But to bring the great hand of Father God to bear in this matter, it will also require Christians, you and me, Christian leaders, and ministers to put their (our) “hand to the plow” and NOT look back.

When government, employer, church, and even family leaders call for the Christian to do that which God calls sin, or when government, employer, church, and even family calls for the Christian to NOT do that which God commands, the Christian has both the right and responsibility to draw the line and say “NO” to whatever authority contradicts the Lord and His Word.  At this point there is no debate, no discussion, and no room for any other decision.  Obedience to the Word of God is a MUST!  There is no other way that is acceptable to the Lord.  Sadly, in this arena, the church has developed a habit over the years of failing to comply with the Lord.  We have generally winked at abortion.  We knew it was sin, and called it so, but have generally sat by and allowed it to continue without any real contestation.  We have done the same with homosexual marriage and lifestyle.  That is why it has been so easy for the church to pull back from meeting together during what the world calls the COVID pandemic.  We have been too long silent and largely inactive about these issues, and regaining that spiritual footing will not be easy or cheap.  There will be a cost, but if we will pay the price, a higher plane of acceptability by Father will see His power and majesty displayed in ways far greater than we’ve ever witnessed.  Let’s pay up, live up to the standards, and rise up as the army of the Lord, “fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners.”

Manna for Today – 1 John 5:3; 1 Samuel 15:22-23; Jeremiah 33:11; Hebrews 13:15; Luke 9:51-62