Iron Sharpens Iron

In this hour, we desperately need Christians with steel in their backbones


Proverbs 27:17 – Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.


My heart is saddened to write my next words, but we must awaken to the fact that many Christians seem to demonstrate a lifestyle that is without backbone, like jellyfish, conforming to the tides, currents, and motions of all the water about them.   They are like clouds driven by the winds over a great desert, but dropping no life-giving rain that could transform a desert into a paradise.

The church of this hour is in desperate need of Christians, and especially Christian leaders and those in offices of the five-fold ministry, to be people with steel in their backbones, who will not bend, bow, or break under the pressures of our time, but will stand true to God’s Word, speak the Word, live the Word, and model the Word before those who hear and see them. 

Furthermore, we need men and women with steel in their backbones to engage one another for the divine function of sharpening one another, to converse regularly with others of strong faith, to encourage one another and to provoke one another to the good words that must be done in this hour.  While I truly understand the need to handle some sheep, especially lambs, with a gentle hand, the man of God of this hour CANNOT pull back from speaking the truth at all times.  Consider the earthly ministry of Jesus.  He always spoke truth.  Yes, there were times when He would not share certain things, because they could not bear it.  But we must remember they during His earthly ministry, those who followed Him were NOT born again.  They still lived under the Old Covenant.  Still, there were times when the truth He spoke to them was so strong, that many of His followers turned away from Him and ceased to follow Him.  Even His Own mother, brothers, and sisters were among that number.  Still, Jesus spoke the truth

In this hour, the speaking, teaching, and preaching of God’s Word to the church sorely needs to be sharpened.  It will not happen in seminary.  It will not happen from reading the latest books or listening to the latest battery of prophecies that are coming forth.  My statement IN NO WAY puts down or makes light of the office of the prophet and their place in the five-fold ministry.  But the work that needs to be done in this hour will not occur just by listening.  We must diligently guard our hearing to assure what we hear is Biblically accurate.  We must come to a place in prayer where communion with Father is more important than shortening church services to accommodate current lifestyles.  Prayer as an individual is important, can be powerful, and is most definitely needed.  However, a praying body of believers carries a church and world-shaking potential that only comes when we forsake not the assembling of ourselves together.  It is there that we sharpen one another for the battle at hand.  A dull sword is only a club, and cuts nothing.  It’s time to get sharp.

Manna for Today – Hebrews 10:24; Joshua 1:6-9; Proverbs 4:20-23; Proverbs 6:20-22; James 1:22