Lamp and Light

Without natural light, life as we know it ceases.  Without the light of God, ALL life ceases.


Psalm 119:105 – Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.


The Scriptures speaks much about light; the light to see, to be guided; the light we receive, the light we emit; the light that sustains, the light that causes growth.  Today I want to speak to you the light that indicates where to put your foot in each step, and the light that points the direction toward which each of those steps take you.  There is a difference.  We certainly need light to show us where to place each foot if we are to take safe steps in our life.  And while the source of light is the same, the purpose of the light is not only for where I set my foot for safety, but to allow me to see the vision of what will be our destination.  You see, where I place my next step is not the same as my destination.  It takes MANY steps to arrive at ONE destination.  Both our step and destination need to be illuminated.  Both my step and my destination need solid ground upon which to be established.

Let’s look first at the “lamp unto my feet.”  Have you ever had to walk in extreme darkness?  I refer to a place so dark that it is difficult to see you hand clearly two feet before your face.  When you walk in such darkness, each step becomes a struggle, especially if there is ANY unevenness or potential obstacles in the path.  In fact, walking in such darkness is dangerous.  If you only have enough light to illuminate the point at which your foot will impact the ground, it makes it so much safer, at least at that step.  But there is more to this scenario than may be realized.

What about something that may be lying in wait for you just ten feet away, something you cannot seen with simply illuminating your steps?  How dangerous can that be?  Imagine a deadly enemy, a venomous snake, or a potentially explosive device.  Though your foot may step in the light, an enemy in the darkness could simply be awaiting your arrival so it can strike out of the darkness.  We need more than a “lamp unto my (ourfeet.”   We likewise need a “light unto my (ourpath.”  There are times in our lives when stepping onto firm ground does not mean we are traveling towards a safe destination.  Only when one is living by faith can one walk in the kind of light that not only assures sure footing, but likewise assures a sure destination.  Once again, allow me to clearly state, unless you are standing just outside the door of your destination, you next step is just that – a step.  And if you do not have both your step AND your destination illuminated, how can you be sure you’re going in the right direction?

Manna for Today – Numbers 6:25; 2 Samuel 22:29; Job 22:28; Isaiah 60:1; Matthew 5:14-16; Luke 2:32; Matthew 13:43; John 8:12; John 9:5