Lamp and Light – Part 2

The light of God illuminates both near and far.  Enjoy the journey.

Psalm 119:105 – Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.


Yesterday we considered the Word of God as a “lamp unto my feet.”  Today we go farther and look farther, considering the Word of God as a “light unto my path.”  Once again, I say to you, there is a difference in purpose, while the origin of the light is the same source.

When we talk about the light of God, regardless of what it is sent to accomplish, the source is always the heart of God.  So, when we read that the entrance of the Word gives light (Psalm 119:30), or we read our Text for Today, the source is always the heart of God, for that is the point of origin of His Word that He has spoken and will yet speak; it is from the abundance of His heart that His mouth speaks.  And when we read the Word, or hear the Word, we can know that the Word rightly divided can be fully applied to our lives.  Yesterday we spoke about the Word that illuminates the placement of our feet as we travel, to assure that each step is taken in a sure place.  But knowing that our step is being placed safely on solid ground does not mean that we are going in the prescribed direction the Lord has set before us.  At that point we need more than solid footing; we need a sure direction.  Remember, a lighted step tells me where I stand.  A lighted path tells me where I’m going. 

As a lad growing up in a rural community in North Carolina, I would often find myself out walking in the neighborhood, and sometimes out hunting in the country.  When I was going somewhere I had never been, I would ask a neighbor how to find the place I sought.  I cannot tell you how often I’ve heard these words; “Follow the path to…” a certain point.  Often, they would add, “Don’t stray from the path or you may get lost.”  To see where I was placing my feed, I had to look down, but to see where the path led, I had to look ahead.  By looking down I could place each step safely.  By looking forward, I was assured that each step I took was on the path I needed to follow.  My source of light was the same for both, but the use of that light was different. 

That’s the way the light of God works.  For you, it is always from the heart of Father for your safety AND success.  Your safety was held in your individual steps, while your success was in attaining the desired destination.  Let God’s Word be your source of light, both as a lamp for each step to be a safe one, and as a light to illuminate the path before you, keeping you on course.

Manna for Today – Numbers 6:25; 2 Samuel 22:29; Job 22:28; Isaiah 60:1; Matthew 5:14-16; Luke 2:32; Matthew 13:43; John 8:12; John 9:5