Storms – Part 1

Rightly dividing the Word of God is vitally important, even as it relates to storms in life.


Nahum 1:3 – The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the LORD hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.


Today I introduce a powerful topic for study to which the people of God should give heed.  It’s about storms.  Though often typified in the Scriptures in a natural sense, we all encounter storms in life.  However, one of the great problems that a comes to bear against us is understanding the storms that come into our lives.  To accurately deal with a storm, and if need be, to overcome or survive a storm, it greatly behooves us to know the source and purpose of that storm that comes to, or upon, or against us.

Over the coming days, we’ll look at what I believe to be four kinds of storms that are encountered in this life, whether they be spiritual or natural in content.  The storms of life fall into one of the four following categories.

  1. There is the storm into which the Lord sends you.
  2. There is the storm the Lord sends to arrest you.
  3. There is the storm that comes upon you to steal, kill, and destroy.
  4. There is the storm that nature releases in its groanings for the manifestation of the sons of God.

One of the gravest mistakes a believer can make is to put all storms into one category.  When this happens, one tends to treat every storm as though it is from the same source, has the same intent, and therefore has the same remedy.  Such thinking should be categorically shunned.  Allow me to offer you an example.  There are people who think all germs, bacteria, and viruses are bad, or disease calling.  Today, we know such thinking to be erroneous.  Some people think all snakes to be bad.  Once again, such thinking is in error.  Some snakes are very beneficial to mankind.  The same kind of thinking has, at times, been applied to insects, spiders, and sadly, even ethnicities and nationalities of people.  In every one of these examples, such blanket thinking is deceptive, and can even be evil when it relates to people.

In our study, we will examine the four kinds of storms, their sources, their purpose, their content, how the believer can recognize them, and how the believer should deal with them.  To attempt to deal with a storm in the wrong manner could open one to destruction, thwart the will of God in one’s life, fail to move forward and emerge from a storm with a great victory, or even blame a storm erroneously upon the Lord or the devil.  Open your heart.  This will be intriguing, and I am sure, extremely enlightening and beneficial to every believer who will pay heed.

Manna for Today – Nahum 1:1-3; Genesis 6:1-22; Johan 1:1-17; Job 1:1-22; Romans 8:14-28